Isis Osiris Healing Temple
The Isis Osiris Healing Temple

The Temple is a sacred place where all of the parts of yourself are invited to show up, the fearful, the ashamed, the guilty, the unworthy...all of you is welcome. It is a place where each aspect of YOU will been seen through non-judgmental eyes, honored, listened to, and appreciated.  

The importance of having a space where every part of you can be bathed in the light of acceptance can not be understated, for it is in this very act of self acceptance that we are internally united and thus healed.  All of our illness, dysfunction, unhappiness, depression, etc - all of it - stems from feeling disconnected and separate. Connection is achieved when the parts of ourselves  that have been isolated, relegated to the shadows, and deemed too unacceptable to be seen, can be brave enough to come forward and begin the journey toward full recognition. A non-judgmental healing experience can set the stage for you to bloom. Healing is synonymous with self acceptance and self love. Our  Temple space has this deep truth and understanding built into it.

Come experience the sacredness of our Temple space. Any one of our gifted practitioners can assist you along your path toward wholeness. We work individually and in teams of any combination. Contact us today for more information or to answer any questions.  

 We are located in Humboldt County, CA
and are available for sessions in person or long distance.

The Isis Osiris Healing Temple
44 Sunny Brae Centre, Arcata, California 95521