Our Wonderful World
Our Wonderful World
By Fhyre Phoenix

We live in a wonderfully mysterious world. Those who have practiced shamanism, Wicca, and other forms of spiritual practice that commune with the other worlds recognize more than the normal person’s senses can register and see more worlds than those readily apparent. Those of us who have spent time “exploring” have experienced time travel, body possession, literal vision from parts of our bodies that are not our eyes, mental telepathy, communication with trees and other non-human sentient beings, and have communicated with and helped the spirits of humans who have died but who are stuck between worlds.

Of course, I am speaking about states of being that have to do with “paying attention” and reverence and not anything related to the use of drugs or alcohol. I am also not speaking about dreams or imagination but rather middle-of-the-day, stone-sober, real-life (though very unusual) experiences.

In the course of exploring “The Mysteries,” I embarked upon a project called: “Tell Me Your Strange Stories.” I have spent four years (so far) collecting people’s stories from Portland, Oregon to southern California. The stories  are of people who  defied gravity, who passed a physical location while driving in their car and, a quarter-mile later, passed it again, who saw the (apparently living) fully physical forms of friends who had died hours earlier, who encountered beings from other worlds, and so much more.

Before I started having these experiences myself, I was a huge skeptic. Certainly, anyone who had experienced anything strange had been dreaming, was on drugs, wasn’t well mentally, had mixed up their own memories with a movie, was embellishing on a much smaller, easier to explain event, etc. After all, none of these things could be explained logically or scientifically. I had every reason to be skeptical.

Then I got lucky and it happened to me, something crystal clear yet unexplainable and strange. Many of us who have such experiences often don’t tell anyone what happened for fear that we will be labeled “crazy.” Yet our skepticism gets badly shaken. And if we are VERY lucky, “it” happens again … and again. Very quickly, the skepticism fades away. You cannot explain what has happened but you also cannot deny that it DID happen. You become a believer, and your appreciation for those who have also experienced something unexplainable becomes a special affinity, a secret club of those who “know.”

My exploration into the unexplainable—not to try to explain but to experience more—has become a focus of my life. If there is anything more fascinating than exploring the mysteries of life, I don’t  know what that is.

If you have experienced something strange, something with an element of inexplicability, please share your story with me. I won’t think you are crazy. Rather, I’ll think that you are gifted or have been gifted. Either way, you are very lucky and I’d love to hear your story.

The Mystery beckons me and I must answer her with my time, attention, and effort. To find her again, in whatever way she chooses to manifest herself to me, is my life’s quest.

For all of the readers of Isis Scrolls, whether or not you have experienced something “special,” I offer free Tarot readings. This is my gift to you. I expect nothing in return. I celebrate that we are all lucky enough to be living in this wonderful, mysterious world.

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Graphic © Toma Bonciu | Dreamstime.com - Mirror through another world in a foggy forest