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“Before you speak, think - Is it necessary?  Is it true?  Is it kind?  Will it hurt anyone?  Will it improve on the silence?”  -Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Educate yourself about Humboldt County's abundant healing community.
Maya Cooper

44 Sunny Brae Centre,
Arcata, CA,
Telephone: 707-834-6831
E-mail: isis_scrolls@earthlink.net

Maya Cooper

Isis Osiris Healing Temple

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Facilitating the Birth of your Emerging Core Essence

Imagine for a moment that you are a sculpture—a three dimensional stained glass window.  You are made up of the most beautiful colors and you are standing in a white room.  Now imagine that you suddenly become lit from within by a powerfully brilliant light.  This light casts the reflection of your colors on to the walls in all directions—360 degrees of stunningly beautiful light is splashing out of you. Think of this light as being conscious, having qualities of depth and intelligence to it. Next let’s add some sound to this picture.  The most beautiful sounds flow out of you, creating another dimension of beauty to your colors.  Now add inspiration: Flowing from the purest place deep within yourself would be the one blessing you would most want everyone in the world to share in.  What would that be? Joy? Grace? Playfulness? Beauty? Experience it as another texture to the color, the light and the sound.  And finally, can you imagine adding movement? Organic, easy, natural, soulful, flowing movement.  If you are following me, you can see that we now have a moving creation of consciousness: light, color, sound, and inspired blessings.  No matter where this being were to be, it would always be standing in the aura of its own light, color, sound and inspiration.

If you were to extend this vision out and pretend that you were to look over and see another complete being: different colors and sounds, radiating a different inspiration and moving in a different way—Awe-inspiringly beautifully different.  If the two of you were to stand next to each other, there would be a place where their light and yours overlapped.  In that overlapping, a new dimension would open, a new way of blending the qualities of both of you in a harmonious new way that comes into existence.  A new depth, texture and richness is born.  Each being is so complete that it is hard to even imagine more completeness—but a new dimension of wholeness does indeed emerge.  If we were to add a third being and this overlapping were to happen, you would get even more awe-inspiring wholeness and harmony.  If an entire world of beings came together and overlapped their unique individual wholeness—you would get such a deep, profound intact completeness—what you would get is what most people call God. 

One of the ways I inspire the world is by inviting us to remember that we are one with everything.  We are the benevolent universe that we are surrounded by and living in.  The life force that animates us, the very air that breathes us.  My experience is that the world through which we move is created by our collective overlapping consciousness being reflected back to us. Our inner conscious light, or soul essence, seeks to shine a clear path through our colors, sounds, and inspirations. One of the main things that impedes the fullness of this expression is our inability to truly know our magnificence.  We lack the context, the framework to know ourselves in this way.  We project our magnificence outward on to a god. A god that is out there somewhere, a god we long to be a part of.  We adapt our behaviors to please this outside god. We create a framework of right and wrong based on what we think pleasing god entails.  What we cannot embody we project outwards,  good or bad.  Even if this is not our current conscious spiritual understanding—we may believe that we are one with God—but unconsciously, most of us are not really able to grasp and embody the fullness of what this really means.

And so it is, in the place between our longing to be a part of God’s wholeness—and our inability to know that we are this wholeness we often call God—is where our pain and suffering exists: in us individually and in the world collectively. 

So again I would say, that collectively we make up the Benevolent Universe. Each of us animating a holographic spark of complete wholeness.  At an essence level we are in communication with one another at all times, inviting, encouraging, blessing, and sharing inspiration with each other.  We often have said or heard people say, “The Universe brought me this opportunity or that experience.”  What if we were to melt the barrier in that sentence/thought that separates us out and makes us other than the Universe. I have learned through my years studying energy that the Universe is us collectively blessing us.  

When someone comes into the healing room, the first thing I like to do is to take a moment and tap into the client’s essence.  How are they blessing the world with their presence? How are they a deep and sustaining animation of the One Heart?  By sharing this awareness with the client, we are inviting their blessed essence more fully into the room with us.  It offers a way for the client to begin to shift their perspective and to catch a glimpse of themselves as the Benevolent Universe—and the beautifully unique way their conscious light, colors, sounds and movement inspire and bless us all, all of the time.

Maya Cooper is a founding member of Isis and the publisher of the Isis Scrolls. She practices at the Isis Osiris Healing Temple in Sunny Brae and has been doing energy work for 25 plus years.

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