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"The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe."
- Albert Einstein

Educate yourself about Humboldt County's abundant healing community.
Allison Carpenter

Meet the 13th Annual Healing Arts Guide Cover Artist Allison Carpenter

Allison Carpenter is a spiritually based painter and illustrator who lives in Mount Shasta, California with her husband and young daughter. Her art is heart centered, feminine, and whimsical, often detailing fairy tale and spiritual like scenes. She was professionally trained in illustration and design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Allison has been an avid pursuer of knowledge in the realm of metaphysics and spirit science since she and her husband moved to Mount Shasta nearly ten years ago after a chance encounter with an enlightened teacher. She is currently undertaking a study and practice in Kundalini Yoga meditation and Ayurveda, both of which she has gained a humble reverence for in their ability to bring about true healing and prosperity.

Allison Carpenter has taken on a wide variety of creative and market- ing projects for people and organizations, including designing labels for an organic beauty brand, designing and implementing marketing tools for businesses, and working in community outreach for a non-profit organization. Her art has been displayed in the Siskiyou Arts Council Gallery, and she has art cards being sold in local stores in Mount Shasta. She is currently working as the Community Outreach Coordinator at a successful health food store while simultaneously building her business and brand. She owns and operates Ms Moon,a heart centered creative com- pany focusing on art, design, ideation, and writing. Samples of her work and collector’s information can be found at her website, mtshastamoon.com, where Allison blogs about her art and spiritual musings.

Why Ms Moon?
Ms Moon’s logo and pseudonym was inspired by Allison Carpenter’s connection to the moon. Ever since she was a child, Allison has had a deep and profound interest in staring at its bright surface and watching the ebbs and flows of its cycles. You may just notice the sky and beyond as a continuous theme in most of her work.

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