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"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. "
- Jean Anouilh

Educate yourself about Humboldt County's abundant healing community.
Jolene Hayes, CCHT

Telephone: 707-499-9207
E-mail: Jolene@wisdomofthesoul.com

Jolene Hayes, CCHT

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Soul Realignment Practitioner
Akashic Records
Transformational Coach
Wisdom of the Soul

Are you looking for real direction in your life?  Is your Soul urging you to make some big life changes but you don’t quite know how to go about it?  Do you feel stuck in making a specific life-changing decision? Or perhaps you are aware you are a multi-dimensional Being, but don’t know how to access your true greatness. 

Don’t worry!

You have a wealth of spiritual wisdom just beyond the edge of your consciousness and I can help you tap into it and learn how to use it.

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Soul Realignment Practitioner/Akashic Record Reader, and Transformational Coach.  I have a wealth of modalities, knowledge and experience for helping you work through blocks and restrictions in order to live a happier, healthier and more abundant life.  While you work with me, you will attain a deeper understanding of Universal Law, including the Law of Attraction and learn how to align with it in order to create the life you desire.  Having all of these tools to call upon allows us to work on past, present and future concerns.

Further, I will help you tap into and access more dimensions of yourself in order to open the door towards discovering who you really are at your Soul level.  You can discover exactly what has been blocking and restricting you from moving forward in your life, and then we’ll energetically clear it.  I’ll help you learn how to make new choices that will raise your vibration and are in alignment with your Highest good.

Here are just a few of the many issues we address
in our work together as they relate to you ~ 

Anxiety & Stress
Relationship Issues
Habit Control
Achieving the YOU, you were meant to be!

Call or email today to discuss a strategy so I can help you achieve the healing and empowerment you deserve.

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Jolene’s soul realignment reading has helped me to clarify questions that I have struggled to understand in my inner life, as well as, my relationship with my husband. Her insightful wisdom and gentle, compassionate guidance created a safe space for me to explore the reasons for my habitual patterns that have caused me suffering. Working with her has given me a new perspective and “tools” to shift away from these long standing habits. Jolene is a woman of integrity, as well as, a gifted healer. I highly recommend her! ~ Marie B. Arcata, California

Some may call what happened to me pure ‘coincidence’ but within one week of the reading of my Akashic Record and then following the recitation of the clearing prayers, I encountered an enormous personal event that was very challenging at the time it happened, but has indeed become one of the most transformative moments of my life. I truly do believe it was a “clearing event” of the highest order. It has been life changing...in a very good way. Thank you Jolene for your most excellent work! I will be always grateful for the deep and ancient healing that I believe this has brought about for me and my family. Namaste my friend! ~ C. Marshall, Visual artist Chanhassen, Minnesota

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