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"There is no way to peace, peace is the way." 
-Thich Nhat Hahn
Educate yourself about Humboldt County's abundant healing community.
Dr. Pepper Hernandez CNHP, NHC

791 8th Street ,
Arcata, , CA 95521,
Telephone: 707-840-6056

Dr. Pepper Hernandez CNHP, NHC



Naturopathic  Holistic Health Practitioner
Raw and Live Food Nutrition, Naturopathy, Medical Intuitive, Lifestyle Therapy &
Mind, Body, Soul Connection

Dr. Hernandez holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy Classic and Traditional, is a Holistic Naturopathic Nutritionist and Medical Intuitive who uses raw and living medicinal foods, edible flowers, herbs, spices, therapeutic teas, vitamins, minerals and essential oils all as part of her nutritional care of healing.

She spends her time as a speaker, writer and activist on health living nutrition. She leads lectures, conferences, and wellness retreats. She also teaches courses involving shaman energy, charkas, raw foods and much more along with traveling the world for more research and learning opportunities. Her life has been dedicated to health and wellness.

Nourishment for the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Bodies is the only way to heal us completely. This is why we are here. ~Pepper Hernandez

Therapies include but not limited to Raindrop Therapy, Iridolody, Reiki, Energywork, Yoga Postures, Mind Body Connection, Meditation, Breathe/ Prana, Anarda, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Auric Clearing, Strength Training, Muscle Testing, PH Analysis, Connection of the divine.

Finding ones power is essential in every modality you choose. ~Pepper Hernandez

Many of her beliefs stem from her rich culture and background as a native from Oklahoma. She practices and uses skills of her ancestors from the Cherokee, Cheyenne, Arapaho from her motherís bloodlines and the Navaho, and Apache from her fatherís.

Join me on Facebook to get updates on Raw Recipes and Health and Wellness info: facebook.com/drpepperhernandez

Pepper has a weekly video channel on Youtube

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