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"Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack.
We give it orders which make no sense. "  - Henry Miller
Educate yourself about Humboldt County's abundant healing community.
Terra Pearson, NCTMB

Telephone: 707-267-8087

Terra Pearson

 Integrative Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage    Craniosacral Therapy
Intuitive Energy Work      Zero Balancing  
  Deep Tissue        Sound Healing 
Prenatal Massage     Reiki

Each of my sessions is unique and emerges in response to your needs. With open ears, eyes, hands, heart, and intuition I listen attentively for what will be most nourishing for you in each moment.  Some sessions focus on bringing ease to physical discomfort, pain, or injuries; others on full-body relaxation to settle from emotional stress or trauma.  Often they are experienced as multi-dimensional journeys that engage all aspects of your Being—physical, spiritual, energetic, emotional, and mental.

What follows are brief descriptions of the main modalities that I use.  Sessions can focus on one modality or might include techniques from a variety of sources:

Cranial Sacral Therapy connects directly to the central nervous system and the “breath of life” that resides there. It invites deep states of relaxation, which ignites the body’s natural healing abilities.  Gentle holds are used to communicate with the subtle rhythms of the body, bringing greater ease and harmony. CST has the unique ability to affect the bones of the head and the alignment of the vertebrae and sacrum, but it can also address conditions in any area of the body and Being. This graceful approach often brings a multi-dimensional cohesiveness and a deep state of peace.

Integrative Massage - infused with Reiki, Polarity, Shiatsu, Tuning Forks and more: Using Swedish Massage as the base, I integrate various healing techniques as they are called upon. Flowing strokes with applied oil sooth your Being into deep relaxation.  The soft tissues of your body are bathed in nourishment. 

Deep Tissue Massage reduces pain and stiffness in the tissues of the body. It lengthens tight muscles and tendons, releases holding patterns in the fascia, breaks apart scar tissue, separates adhesions between the muscles, and re-hydrates brittle muscles. The pressure is often firm and directive, but avoids being forceful.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks and a 38-inch Earth Gong: Sound vibrations have a powerful affect on bodies, increasing all forms of health.  Scientific studies show DNA being altered when exposed to specific frequencies.  The main tools I use for Sound Healing are carefully-crafted tuning forks that emit the frequencies of celestial bodies, each which specific affects. They are often placed on meridian points, the energy centers used in acupuncture and shiatsu that affect physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of health.  My 38 inch Earth Gong has now settled into my healing room!!  I nearly explode with joy and melt with awe as I share its magnificence! I’m excited for you to meet her!

Energy Readings provide opportunities for your Divine Essence to share its Wisdom. I perceive this through images, sensations, and insights that are expressions of your energy body.  I then listen for the qualities within you that are ready to be enhanced so that you can move to the next stage of your evolution.  The Wisdom that flows through inspires and enriches my life as well as my clients.

Zero Balancing works with the interface of structure and energy, specifically that of the bones, joints, and soft tissues. Subtle traction and finger pressure are used to release stuck energy, allowing it to flow freely as a life-enhancing force. As physical structures of the body are reorganized, it creates clearer pathways of communication throughout the body. People often feel more clarity, energy, and balance after ZB sessions.

I often use techniques from Ortho-Bionomy®.   A key principle of this modality is to “follow the path of ease.” Through gentle touch and supported positioning the body gracefully releases its tension and holding patterns, returning to its natural state of ease.

Testimonials: Language doesn’t do Terra’s diverse energy/body work justice: it’s difficult to explain the feeling of dropping into bliss even as painful, stuck emotions drop out of the system.   She communicates ease to the system, offering the invitation to surrender to our Being. ~Rebecca Owen, Personal Evolution Coach, Intuitive Energy Work

Terra has the unique ability to create a dynamic healing space that covers a broad spectrum of skill. Combining knowledge and skill with grounded compassion and intuition, her ability to create this space offers me the opportunity to sink into a journey of full nourishment.  I trust her, and her knowledge of all modalities she practices so completely that I even schedule my 9-year-old son with her regularly. - Zena Bardelás, Asian Bodywork Therapist & Qigong Practitioner

Isis Osiris Healing Temple,  Arcata, CA


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