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“Before you speak, think - Is it necessary?  Is it true?  Is it kind?  Will it hurt anyone?  Will it improve on the silence?”  -Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Educate yourself about Humboldt County's abundant healing community.
Animal Healing
Animal Communication: An animal communicator can telepathically talk with your pets whether they are living or in spirit form. They will give you vital information for their happiness and wellness.

The process thru which an animal communicator connects with an animal takes place without conscious reasoning and by means other than the normal sensory channels; it involves feeling at a distance and can involve transference of thought. In order for animal communication to take place one has to bypass the rational, linear mind. This is done by quieting the mind, allowing it to become as still and empty of thought and everyday “mind chatter” as possible.

When the mind is still and empty, a field of receptivity is created, in which the animal’s voices can be heard. Then all that is needed is to invite the animals to make use of that field. When the animals “speak,” it is also usually a subtle process; it is rarely a voice speaking clearly in full sentences in one’s head, although that can happen. More often it is a combination of subtle impressions.

Some of this information was found on www.healingforanimals.com

Animal Healing: Animals can be willing recipients of Reiki or energy work, along with other forms of healing such as herbal support and flower essences to name only a few. Like humans, it is possible to channel your healing energy into your pet to relieve it of pain, discomfort, or illness.

Animal Care: Can include pet sitting, dog walking and many other forms of love and practical care that an animal may require

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dominique dominique
Telephone: (707) 845-3770


Poem by dominique

Joy of letting go
there is no greater Power
than the power of letting go

Though the pain and string of attac ...
Kristin Abhayada Dwan Kristin Abhayada Dwan
Telephone: 818-326-1268
E-mail: abhayada13@yahoo.com

Kristin Abhayada Dwan

Reiki Master/Teacher

Kristin brings to Humboldt County 28 years experience with reading Tarot and doing Energy Work.  

Sh ...
Linda S. Wahlund Linda S. Wahlund
Telephone: 707-445-0207
Linda S. Wahlund

Reiki Master, Animal Communicator &  Intuitive Reader

Starting with a lifetime of natural inclination and a strong interest toward spiritu ...
Mary O’Leary Mary O’Leary
Telephone: 707-499-9879
E-mail: moleary711@yahoo.com

Mary O’Leary

Tarot Readings
Soul Coaching  
Angel Readings
Readings for your Animals

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