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"The essence of bravery is being without self-deception."
-Pema Chodron

Educate yourself about Humboldt County's abundant healing community.
Prenatal/Postpartum Care and Massage
Prenatal/Postpartum and Infant Massage: Massage during pregnancy helps to relieve muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, encourage production of vital hormones, eliminate toxins, and gives you perceptual feedback as you adjust to your changing body.  Techniques and positioning are modified to focus on particular areas of concern in each trimester, and to avoid areas of vulnerability during pregnancy.  Post partum massage helps eliminate fluid retention and stimulate bowel function, eases the aches and pains of delivery, nursing, carrying your baby, and helps reposition your pelvic organs and alignment.  Infant massage can ease the stress of birth for your baby, help with gas pains and digestive issues, calm and relax your baby for better sleep and well being.

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AloMana Integrative Aqua Therapy AloMana Integrative Aqua Therapy
Telephone: 707-702-1559

AloMana Integrative Aqua therapy
Immerse Yourself in this Incredibly,
 Deeply Relaxing Water Therapy!

Along with the sooth ...
Cristina America, L.Ac. Cristina America, L.Ac.
Hillard Building - 1433 11th, Suite # F,
Arcata, CA,
Telephone: 707-826-1097

Cristina America, L.Ac.

Family Health Care

Herbal Medicine,
Ma ...
Hannah Virginia Hannah Virginia
Telephone: 707-382-1871
E-mail: folksongearthmedicine@gmail.com

Hannah Virginia

Certified Massage Therapist,
Reiki Master and Clinical Herbalist

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ...
Janet Stock, CMT Janet Stock, CMT
Telephone: 707-826-0817


I am a massage therapist certified in Swedish, acupressure, prenatal, labor and delivery, postpartum and infant mas ...
Kim Eubanks Kim Eubanks
1055 Main Street,
Suite 5, Fortuna CA,
Telephone: 707-725-8788
E-mail: kkimee@sbcglobal.net

Kim Eubanks

Hi, my name is Kim. For most of my life I have been drawn to the healing arts in some form or another, and have been sharing my knowledge of “S ...
Lorraine Tryon, C.M.T. Lorraine Tryon, C.M.T.
Telephone: (707) 223-3034
E-mail: tryonmassage@gmail.com
Lorraine Tryon, C.M.T.,
 Holistic Health Practitioner

Our bodies/minds are so amazing. We are pure essence. We are the sum total of wisd ...
Michael Cooper Michael Cooper
Telephone: 707-599-0950
E-mail: maikecooper@yahoo.com
Only with trust, faith and support can the woman allow the birth experience to enlighten and empower her
- Claudia Lowe

Join me in exploring a graceful program of movement therapy to support women's wellne ...
Molly Leuthner Molly Leuthner
Telephone: 707-672-3590
E-mail: Mollywog13@gmail.com
Molly Leuthner, NTS
 Lotus Acupuncture and Healing Arts

Bodywork and Colon Hydrotherapy

Molly Leuthner, Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Certified A ...
Stacey Small, L.Ac. Stacey Small, L.Ac.
940 9th street,
Arcata, CA,
Telephone: 310.985.3780
E-mail: cosmosmama@verizon.net
Stacey Small, L.Ac.
Arcata Holistic Health Center

Acupuncture ~ Chinese Herbal Medicine ~ Native Plant Medicine ~ Western Herbal Medicine~ Moxibustion ~ Cupping ~ Gua Sha ~ Tuina ~ N ...
Terra Pearson, NCTMB Terra Pearson, NCTMB
Telephone: 707-267-8087

Terra Pearson

 Integrative Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage    Craniosacral Therapy
Intuitive Energy Work      Zero Balancin ...

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