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"The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others." -Carl Jung
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Event: 'Transmission Meditation Comes To Isis'

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Date: Wednesday, March 08, 2017 At 02:00 PM
Duration: 1 Hour
Repeat Event: Repeat every Wednesday
Contact Info:
Isis 707-825-8300

Transmission Meditation Comes to Isis

Beginning Wednesday Aug 5th, 2015, Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones will be conducting Transmission Meditation sessions at Isis, every WEDNESDAY afternoon, from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m., upstairs in the Group Room, Suite #48

Serving Humanity with Transmission Meditation

Transmission Meditation differs radically from other meditation methods. It takes only seconds to learn. It is not practiced solo, but rather in groups of three or more. It allows for sitting comfortably in any position, on a chair or on the floor. While other meditation methods emphasize directing one’s interior energies, Transmission Meditation is all about passivity.

But the greatest difference is Transmission Meditation’s purpose, which is not to benefit the meditator, but to serve humanity and the many other evolving life forms on this planet.

The technique of Transmission Meditation is simple: the transmitter focuses the attention on the area between the eyebrows commonly called the third eye (or the brow, or sixth chakra; or the ajna center) and holds the attention there for one hour. During this time, the Spiritual Hierarchy* of this planet direct energies from the highest spiritual planes through the energy centers of the meditators.

This process creates a pool of usable energy; and based on their greater understanding of our world, these Masters of Wisdom then redirect this stepped-down energy, at their discretion, to wherever it is most needed at the moment. These transformed spiritual energies are said to be gradually lifting all life forms and changing our planet for the better.

More than 600 Transmission Meditation groups exist worldwide.

Beneficial Side Effects

While Transmission Meditation exists to serve others, many transmitters nevertheless enjoy some positive side effects. Some report feeling a light tingling sensation around the head and shoulders during transmission. Others claim to experience currents of healing energy flowing out through their hands, feet, heart, throat, or even their entire body. Some say they feel “more aligned,” or “more attuned” during transmission, or they describe the experience as “a pleasant energy bath,” “a spa for my mind,” “a magic carpet ride,” “ecstatic,” or “beyond words.”

These and other positive side effects may linger for a few hours, or even longer. Those who practice Transmission Meditation weekly say that during the interim, they find it easier to demonstrate love, or that their minds are clearer or more stimulated and creative. Others claim that frequent transmitting enhances their regular meditation practice.

Challenging Aspects of Transmission Meditation

While the technique of Transmission Meditation is simple, it presents some interesting, and sometimes amusing, challenges for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Persons with no meditation experience of any kind may find it hard at first to sustain the necessary focus for an entire sitting. The mind loves to wander, and to a beginner, an hour can seem like forever. Novices may also become distracted by images that sometimes well up from the subconscious mind during meditation, and bringing the attention gently back to the brow chakra may take some getting used to.

Those accustomed to other meditation modalities may find that “doing nothing” distracts them. Their challenge is to passive yet focused, without causing further distraction with self-recriminating thoughts. As for the one-hour time period, they sometimes complain that it’s up too soon.

The good news is that both beginners and meditators trained to other methods can usually adjust to the unique nature of Transmission Meditation after just a few sessions.

Is Transmission Meditation For You?

At the very least, Transmission Meditation affords one the chance to relax, to get centered and peaceful, and to come home to oneself, in an atmosphere of like-minded people.

Pregnant women can practice Transmission Meditation up to the ninth month, provided they are in good health, their doctor is happy with their condition, and they have had no adverse experiences with their pregnancy.

A $2 donation is requested to help cover the cost of the room, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. (Assistance is needed with setting up chairs, so feel free to come 10-15 minutes early to help with setup, in lieu of donation.)

Promptly at 6:00 p.m., the group will begin by reading aloud together The Great Invocation (the updated version), then go directly into transmission.


*The Spiritual Hierarchy are said to be the custodians of the Divine Plan for this planet. Working from behind the scenes, they have inspired great human achievements throughout history, in all fields of endeavor.

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