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"The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others." -Carl Jung
#66 June/July, 9th Annual Practitioner Guide PDF Print E-mail
Greetings From Isis

Linda and I would not say that we put together a magazine, as much as we would say the act of publishing the Isis Scrolls engages us in a healing stream of consciousness. Participating through this medium with the consciousness of our community, brings us ongoing blessings and challenges, both of which we cherish equally.

It would be a mistake to think everything that lies within the pages of the Isis Scrolls is in alignment with our individual beliefs.  We do not edit out that which we don’t agree with. We actually have far too much respect for your wisdom to place ourselves between you and your truth.  The one thing we do hold true to is our mission statement: Creating Opportunities That Nourish Our Wholeness.  We stand behind the Isis Scrolls as a neutral forum thru which opportunities are created. We operate from the greater truth that information is power and the process of choosing is empowering.

Holistically taking our health into our own hands, begins with choosing who we want to co-create wellbeing with. The holistic approach is not a passive one. We cannot turn ourselves over to someone and wait for them to fix us when we enter this paradigm. No, this approach requires that we engage our inner healer in cooperation with the healing arts practitioners of our choosing. Linda and I recognize the innate power of intentional participation and we honor that power by presenting the Healing Arts Community to you, in a way that allows you to connect with them on a deeper level. In this issue you can see their picture, read their words, feel their frequency, and decide who is a match for you.

As you read through these pages, you will undoubtedly come across people you instantly resonate with, those you instantly do not, and there will even be some you fail to notice altogether.  The content contained within these pages will evoke your inner stories: both the expanded and the contracted stories, just as surly as they bring up Linda’s and mine. Holistic wellbeing focuses on Wholeness as a model of health defined as the free flow of energy that harmonizes our body, mind, and spirit. This is far more an expansive definition of health than just an absence of symptoms. Our unconscious, contracted stories inhibit the free flow of energy. Sometimes nourishment comes in the form of awareness brought about by the exploration of inner conflicting stories. In this way, healing can actually happen while reading through this magazine. The Isis Scrolls is abundant with healing in ways you may not have been aware of!

Wellbeing requires we connect with our wisdom and intuition when choosing a practitioner, a class, or a healing session. Choose someone to work with you; not on you, someone who will help bring forth your inner healer, not become your healer. Intentional participation builds holistic wellbeing. Make good use of the information contained within this magazine. Research the practitioners you may be interested in working with. Explore how they make you feel by connecting with them through these pages. Get involved in your own process by asking questions and requesting references. Once you settle on someone, be sure to bring your intention, voice, wisdom, and healing power with you to your session because it is through our conscious participation that wellbeing occurs.

Our deepest gratitude and respect goes out to the healing arts practitioners.  We thank you for seeing the value in all the inward searching, discerning, and fine tuning that goes into describing your work. Each of you participated in grounding the frequency of your practice and service into reality, with clarity and focus.  You animate with your heart, with your presence, and with your work, the healing heartbeat of our community.  And every one of you took the time, took the opportunity, and took the energy to refine yourself and your work through your contribution. Though it may seem like a personal act, we believe that this refinement process will actually strengthen the community’s healing heartbeat. We hope this has been a healing for you and that you have been able to embody the greater clarity, self love, and maturity we see in your writing. This issue of the Isis Scrolls is indeed a colorful reflection of all our beauty, healing, practicality, and transformation.

~ Blessings, Linda and Maya ~

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