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"Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack.
We give it orders which make no sense. "  - Henry Miller
#65 April/May 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Greetings from Isis

There needs to be a Tsunami of Love and Spiritual wisdom to counteract the fear and pain and to bring about a Divine-Earth-humanity connection that is more harmonious and balanced. ~ Eris Kline in an email to me.

The suffering people of our world cannot afford the extra weight of our pity, worry, detachment, and fear. The constant reassurance of a conscious awakened heart creates ripe fertile conditions for further awakening to our individual, and collective human divinity.

Those of us not in immediate danger have the privilege and the freedom to collect and direct our wholeness in ways that create love. Where love is broadcast, practical everyday brilliant solutions bloom.

Look deep inside yourself, what is the one thing you would wish, for anyone who is suffering, to have? Hope? Clean air? A moment of spontaneous awakening? Whatever it is you find your true heart wanting to share, is at a deep level, who you are.  It is the frequency of your essence. These things are a part of our world because they are a part of us. Are you hope? Clean air? A moment of spontaneous awakening? Sink in, find it within yourself, bring it forth, and become it. Become it, and let it flow out of you to wherever it needs to go. Breath by breath, become it and give loving movement to it.

I AM the winds of change
I AM the calm assurance that everything is in perfect order
I AM the moment I knew I was a divine human
I AM the light at the end of the tunnel
I AM the deepest mercy
I AM the fresh breeze of clean air
I AM the balance of life
I AM the heartbeat of the Earth
I AM the reflective beauty of moonlight
I AM the recognition of synchronicity
I AM relief and certainty
I AM spontaneously brilliant solutions
I AM grief washed clean in the light of pure wisdom
I AM Body, Mind and Spirit in unified harmony
I AM Divinity
I AM effortless change
I AM the timely death and destruction of false structure
I AM fertility
I AM Grace
I AM the life-giving great central Sun
I AM Unity
I AM joyous rebirth
I AM resurrection
I AM the steady solidness of the mountains
I AM the birds-eye perspective
I AM wholeness embodied
I AM fearless courage
I AM pure conscious awareness
I AM the deep support of Gaia
I AM awakened power
I AM the medicine that heals
I AM the food that restores
I AM the cool welcome water of nourishment
I AM the warming fire of transformation
I AM Alchemy
I AM the pulse of the cosmos
I AM the web of life
I AM Love ever flowing

…. and so are you

~ Unified Heart Blessings,

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