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"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. "
- Jean Anouilh

#62 October/November 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Greeting from Isis
Celebrating the 9th birthday of the Isis Scrolls

We opened in July 2001 under the name of Isis Institute of Integrated Healing Arts. We published the very first Isis Scrolls in October 2001. The opening paragraphs on the cover page read:

Isis Institute,
The Very Beginning!

The Isis Institute of Integrated Healing Arts, an educational healing arts center, opened its doors this past July.  The center began through the dreams of Maya Cooper, Carol Dirck, and Joan Dixon.  Their intentions were to offer a place which would serve the community as a center for personal growth and empowerment through education and energy work.  The founders have discovered that Isis has taken on a life of its own and an extended family is currently blossoming in the spirit of healing and cooperation.
      Classes and healings are offered promoting integration of mind, body, and spirit to foster spiritual integrity and sacred living. Isis Scrolls will be published monthly to give voice to the inspiration and information of the healers and practitioners coming together to build a cooperative healing community.  It will also carry the ongoing scheduled classes and the monthly guest presenters at Isis Institute.

Wow! Nine years later I am still delighted to be participating in the unfolding of Isis. As I look back over these words I am struck by how true our initial vision of Isis has stayed. I give credit to the intuition, strength, and integrity of the combined energy of the three founders. We came together in love and with purpose and were able to set something sustainable in motion. Though both Carol and Joan have moved on from Isis, their love and their heartís desire to serve and support our community is very much still alive in Isisís foundation.

I have been blessed to have been a constant guardian of, and participator with, the Isis energy as she grows and blooms.  Along the way there have been many beloved friends who have shared space with me at Isis. I sometimes like to look at these people as parts of Isisís personality. I feel these friends and colleagues have animated portions of Isisís energy, brought forth dimensions of her that I could have never done on my own, and fleshed out the parts of her that needed to be present in order for Isis to continue to grow and serve the community.

One of the friends who has animated a very wise and nurturing Isis presence is moving on this month. Of all the people I have had the privilege of playing and working with Reidun Olsson has been up at Isis with me the longest. We are happy to announce that she has found a supportive position at the new Soul to Soul Spa and Foot Bar at 854 10th street in Arcata. This is  a good move for her, the arrangements at the spa help lighten her everyday life.

Of course, I will miss seeing her kind smile light up our halls. I will miss her steady rhythm  and the way she is connected to what is deep and quiet and true and how she shares that. And I canít help but wonder if the portion of Isis that she has been animating has now been brought forth and integrated. Linda thinks this is true, she feels a fullness and a completeness. We both sense something new bubbling to the surface to be explored and are excited to participate in whatever comes next.  

These last two years have brought great transition to all the aspects of Isis. Dorje told me in an astrology reading about two and a half years ago that Isis needed to have more of herself expressed or she would wither.  That information heralded Linda coming on board. Linda has done a wonderful job of animating Isisís greater presence in the community.  The changes keep coming. Last year we added Suite # 48 room rentals. This has let us express our original founding intention to offer events, classes, and healing opportunities to the community.  Earlier this year our longtime Isis Scrolls editor Rebecca Owen moved on and is happily settling into her practice more fully. (Did I mention happy, I saw her the other day and happy is an understatement!) We are appreciating and enjoying her replacement, Heath Weaver, our new editor. Heath has ushered in a clear, clean, professional energy that can be felt throughout these last two issues of the Isis Scrolls. And now here is Reidun freeing herself up to soar into more love and support. I welcome all these changes. I love how these people have brought so many blessings to me and to Isis and how Isis has supported and blessed their lives in return. I love how Isis has so much of herself that wants to be expressed.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our very wonderful cooperative extended community family over these past years. We are only here because of you. It is you that gives Isisís life great meaning and joy.

So here we are, brushing the dust of these last few years of change off our face and standing here all shiny and new, ready for whatever the future may hold. Isis feels sturdy and full of love and healing opportunities.  Isis Scrolls feels seaworthy and ready to carry the voices of our healing arts practitioners out into an ever widening community. There is nothing left to do but blow out the nine candles on our birthday cake and let the celebration begin.

Happy Birthday Isis Scrolls!
Blessings, Maya

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