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"Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack.
We give it orders which make no sense. "  - Henry Miller
#63 December 2010/January 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Usher out 2010 and welcome in 2011 with a new awareness of your breath. We want to share with you a modified excerpt of a talk and meditation Maya gave at the Synergy Fair this year.  

The broader point of this meditation is to share a tool that can be used when you are struggling with just about anything.  When we struggle, are stressed or in pain, we tighten, contract, resist, and close down. As we close down we shut out the perspective of our inner wisdom.  Our inner pool of love and wisdom has the ability to support us by shifting our perspective, and a shift of perspective creates an opening out of our pain and struggle. It is like dawn’s first light. The quickest way I know to regain a connection to our own center of love and wisdom is to connect with the sacred in something. Just our willingness to see the sacred essence in something reopens us.  Air is our tried-and-true friend, it is always with us. It is in and around us at all times. We are held in its embrace and kept alive by it in every minute. Because it is so available to us and because it is such a miraculous element, it is an obvious starting place for a shift of perspective.

We hope you find this useful. We recorded Maya’s Synergy talk, so please contact us at Isis at 707-825-8300 if you are interested in getting a copy.

 ~ Thank you and enjoy,
Maya and Linda

Excerpt from Maya’s
Meditation on the Essence of Air

This is a quick and easy way to create a little soft, open spaciousness so our wholeness can flow up to meet us.

Close your eyes and begin to relax. Observe yourself breathing normally. Just feel how the breath flows in and out of you. Send a little invitation to your body to begin to soften, open, and relax.  
Now let’s gently begin to contemplate the air that we are breathing. Shift your focus to explore air as it is flowing in and out of you. Air is at its most basic level incredible in that we would not be alive were it not for air.  But can you look deeper and begin to imagine air as an alive, vibrant Being? Take a moment and relax into this concept—air as a Being. Air has its own consciousness, awareness, intelligence, and presence. And what an incredibly miraculous consciousness it is! Every moment of every day this amazing Being surrounds us, holds us, and flows in and out of our body. It brings life force to us, mixes with who we are, and flows back out. Amazingly enough it does this intimate dance with everything that is alive on the planet. It meets each one of us fully and completely—every person, plant, and animal. Even the planet herself is breathing. So too are the sun, moon, planets, and stars, all of them are breathing all the time. The breath we are inhaling right now has probably been around the entire universe, mixing with other beings, connecting with their intelligence, flowing in and out of everything. Without a doubt the most sacred relationship we are in is with air. Whew, that is a lot to relax into! Our relationship with this elemental Being is the holiest, deepest, most intimate relationship we have in our entire life.

As this breath enters you and mixes with who you are, it changes. No two breaths that we take are the same. The air that we are breathing right now has a particular mix of consciousness to it. Think how many things are simultaneously breathing right now. Air carries light, sound, color, information, and consciousness, including the earth’s heartbeat and the cosmic awareness all over our planet. Since everything is always in motion, air will be infused with something new, exciting, and different in each moment.

And with this just barely explored love for air in our hearts we can begin to invite every cell of our body to deeply open to, and receive the nourishment of, this wise, ever-changing rich, holy consciousness. Once we become aware that we are breathing with something that is so alive and sacred, our bodies will easily begin to soften and open to receive this sacred elixir of life.
Try also breathing through your skin. Imagine your skin as being soft, open, and breathable. Feel air flow in and breathe with your fascia tissue, your muscles, your blood, and your organs. Feel your bones begin to breathe. Breathe air in all the way down to your bone marrow.

What does it feel like to breath air in through your chakras? Through the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet? Breathe up though your root at the base of your spine and down through your crown at the top of your head. Can you inhale and exhale through your back?  Invite yourself to become deeply receptive. Let this air Being freely move through you and with you: no barriers, no pushing, no resisting, just an easy, open fluid flow. Feel how your body is warm and liquid-like. Feel its endless capacity to open deeper and deeper to breath. Become one with your breath. Allow air to unify you with the world.

Thank that breath for participating with you. Also thank your body. See what it is like to go out into the rest of your day thinking about staying fluid and open to the magic that air is. Go about your day knowing that you are never alone. You are always in a deep, committed relationship with this sacred Being.

It definitely helps me to play with this exercise often during the day. Maybe take a few moments when you are going to bed or first thing in the morning and see what air is sharing with you during those times. Air will collect you and assist you in settling into your own space.  The more you practice when life is good, the easier it will be to try and connect with it when you are struggling or in pain. Next time you observe that your body is tense and your breath is short, see if you can shift your perspective to the sacredness of air and relax into its arms.

~ Peaceful Breathy Blessings from Isis

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