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"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. "
- Jean Anouilh

#61 August/September 2010 PDF Print E-mail
#61 August/September 2010

In Celebration of Form

The earth expresses her wisdom through form. Everything on the planet, including us, is made of the earth and therefore contains earth wisdom. We chose Joan Richards to be on the cover because her Kundalini Yoga practice and teachings celebrate and nourish our bodies. Her yoga style, like all other types of conscious movement, feeds us. Breath, movement, support, chanting, sound, and stillness all come together and invite our bodies to become soft, open, and receptive to our surroundings and our integrating Spirit.

We are all trying to find our grounding through these exciting and challenging times. The most helpful thing for us Isis ladies these days is to stay focused on tending to our bodies with kindness. Regular bodywork, conscious movement, long walks, relaxing naps, and high-quality, lovingly prepared food nourish our bodies and help us stay flexible in our lives. In addition to these things, I have also come to appreciate how keeping a well-tended home aligns and organizes the energies in our bodies and in the bodies of our family members. Caring for our home space may be the deepest of all earth magic, as it has the power to shift our lives.

Cleaning my kitchen and preparing my family’s food has become one of my primary forms of meditation and self-care. I enjoy beginning every day by slipping into the rhythm of my house. By listening to her while I beautify her—by cleaning, organizing, and opening the space for the energy of the current moment to flow in and bless our lives with love.

My little earthly Virgo heart knows that any issue I am struggling with will be resolved with more grace and ease if I lovingly mop the floors, dust the book cases, and prepare a good meal. For me, making a clear path for energy to shift and for healing to unfold is best done with a sponge in hand. I know my actions are inviting in the energies of the earth herself, of the sun, moon and stars, and of the Great Mystery to enliven our living space and permeate us.
And, oh, I cherish the moments when I can be still and sink into my happily humming home. My body feels safe and calm in this sacred space. I can drink in the rejuvenation, and without exception, healing and integration ensue.

~May you know this deep support and joy in your life as well.
Blessings, Maya
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