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"The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe."
- Albert Einstein

#59 April/May 2010 PDF Print E-mail

#59 April/May 2010

Vertical Breathing:

Cosmic and Planetary Nourishment

By Maya Cooper

In over 20 years of working with energy, I have been consistently amazed by how clients’ internal energy-flow patterns are directly related to the patterns of flow in their everyday lives. When a client describes an area of struggle in their life, we can pinpoint the exact same struggle in the way energy is flowing in their body. I have observed over and over again that there is no separation between our “outside” life and our “inside” life. Our outside lives are a direct projection of our inner energy flow patterns. Places inside us where our energy is contracted, erratic, deficient, or excessive will show up as situations or interactions in the same contracted, erratic, deficient or excessive ways in our every day life.


How I see it, our energy follows our mind. Energy accurately and in complete neutrality is set into motion by our thoughts. Our energy does not judge the quality of a thought, it unconditionally accepts its direction. When the mind spins on something from the past; judges or defends in the present; or zooms into the future to worry about what could happen, our energy responds to and follows those thoughts. If our thoughts are contradicting (which they often times are) the energy will flow in contradicting directions. We can’t pretend either. We can’t try to think prosperous thoughts while simultaneously having poverty thoughts and think that our energy will follow the thoughts we prefer. We can not will one thought to override the other. Energy follows all of our thoughts, the conscious ones, the ones we don’t want to acknowledge, and the subconscious ones chattering away in the background that we are unaware of.


When we have two (or more) conflicting thoughts, even if one of them is subconscious, our energy takes it’s direction from, and is set in motion by, both (or all); internal and external traffic jams ensue as a result. Observing our life’s more challenging circumstances can give us insight into the nature of the unaware, unacknowledged and subconscious thoughts we were having.


Just think about how many places our mind can jump from moment to moment. All of that jumping creates flows, currents and eddies of energy in our bodies. The more erratic our thought patterns are, the more erratic energy waves we create, the more difficulties we have in our lives and the more tumultuous our response is to those difficulties. The smoother and more collected our thoughts are (meaning we have come into awareness of the unaware, unacknowledged and subconscious thoughts) the smoother our life flows.


One inside way to create a smoother flow of energy is to give the mind something different to do. I created an exercise that has worked very well for me and several of my clients. I call it vertical breathing. This meditation is a way to play with the concept of redirecting the mind to be proactive in engaging with heaven and earth nourishment and being instrumental in delivering it to the body. So if energy follows the mind, and your mind sinks down and interacts with your body, your energy will flow into your body. The body wants to open and receive the presence of the mind and the mind enjoys the restful alertness of settling into the body. Unified together, they become the key that unlocks our Source Energy or Our Authentic Self. This is the part of us the resides in the All That Is that lies beneath the mind-created reality in the unified reality.


We chose the image on the cover because it is a great visual of what it could feel/look like to stand in your own temple body and look up and see the light streaming in through the top. You are the temple space and you are the light splashing across the walls and spilling over the floors.


Let’s take it further: Imagine your crown chakra is a prism. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head; imagine what is would be like having a prism for the roof of your house. Cosmic consciousness from the heavens, in the form of light, is radiating down upon you. This light enters the prism at your crown and laughingly splashes and streams in full glorious colors into your body. These colors are rich with sound, they are filled with expressions of expansiveness and joy. It is a celebration of dancing, moving, flowing intelligence and it is blissfully showering downward through and around you. 


Use your internal hands to reach for these colorful streams of heavenly light and begin to draw them deeper into your body. Invite your mind to softly, slowly and kindly caress and stroke open your muscles, organs, fluids and bones. Your mind can guide your intention to assist your body, part by part, to soften, open and receive. Imagine you could hold your kidneys for instance, and gently send them love, invite them to soften and receive the breath of the rainbow-light consciousness directly. Do this with other parts of your body. Saturate your cells with the light and your gratitude for your body temple.


Slowly sink deep into the core of yourself and down towards your feet. As your body opens and receives the light, it becomes soft and open and spacious. Slowly taking all the time you need, using the power of your mind’s intention and your internal hands, move the light all the way through you and out the bottoms of your feet down into the ground about a foot or so beneath your feet. Let that lightstream flow into the earth. There is a never-ending supply continuously flowing downward through you. Harvest it, slow it down and lovingly feed it to your body, letting the excess flow out your feet. Long, slow deep nourishing breaths of heaven spiraling through you.


When you feel spacious and filled with the heavens, turn your attention to, and connect with the undulating pulse of the earth beneath you. Every time Her heart beats, waves and waves of glorious life force powerfully radiate upwards through the earth, streaming upwards into our atmosphere toward the heavens. Open and inhale through your feet this strong beautiful energy. Feel how it is a different kind of nourishment than the heavenly life force. It is a different quality of light, sound, texture, movement and consciousness. Be receptive to its difference and let it flow upwards through you, slowly and sensuously like a warm tide. Each of your cells will open like little sea anemones receiving nourishment.


Let yourself ride the gentle waves of this energy as it moves upward though you. Stay as restfully present with this as you can. Ride the waves of the energy all the way through your body and let them flow out your crown chakra and continue on their way to the heavens. We are the conduit through which heaven and earth unite—Long, slow breaths of earth flowing deeply into you and through you.


Inhale down the cosmic energy, exhale up the earth energy up or exhale down the cosmic and inhale up the earth. Try it both ways, they feel very different and equally relaxing. Play with this as often as is pleasing, it is like yoga for the mind. The more you play with it the more stable, cohesive and flexible the mind becomes. Try it sitting, standing or lying down, alone or with others. Try it when you feel yourself defending or expecting or judging. Use those behaviors as cues that tell you your tank of vertical energy is running low and you are ready for a refill.


Vertical nourishment—it’s free for the taking in every moment. Fluid, inspirational, expansive, fresh energy, raining down on us from the heavens. Strong, wise, balancing, deeply beautiful energy undulating up through us from the earth. Since the heavens and the earth are always in motion, always creating, always expressing something new, each moment these energies have something new and wonderful to share with us. Let the mind have the joyful new job of supporting your whole self by accessing and drawing these vertical energies into the body. When we align with the vertical energy, our lives become renewed and replenished. Since the vertical currents directly feed Our Source Self, when we do this exercise we are aligning our mind with the way our Source Self naturally breathes. The mind will find peace when it surrenders to be in service to our Source Self. Then the rivers and streams of energy that flow out of us creating our life, are sturdier, smoother, and unified because they come from a deeper place of Self within us.


Maya can be reached for intuitive energy sessions and personal mentoring at 707-825-8300

Cover and article photo was taken of Antelope Canyon,


located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona by: Lucas Löffler.




Lucas kindly offers full permission to reprint with this following statement: I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide. In case this is not legally possible: I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.




“Rainbow Light Goddess” Original Artwork by Victoria Redgrave. 


It is available for sale on her website: www.namaha.co.uk


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