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"The essence of bravery is being without self-deception."
-Pema Chodron

#39 December 2006/January 2007 PDF Print E-mail
 Greetings from Maya

dec 2007 jan 2007 cover.jpg - 16.54 KBAs we go through our daily lives we consume vast quantities of our energy doing the “horizontal human dance.”  This is the dance that requires us to use all of our subtle intuitive skills second by second to discern how safe we are and how much of ourselves we are able to risk sharing with another.  Think for a moment about how much energy it takes to hold back our essence...mind-boggling!  And yet most of our lives are spent unconsciously  assessing the possibilities of “love” that we can expect to be rewarded with, if we meet the also unconscious conditional expectations of the person who is currently standing front of us. 

Thankfully, there is a place we can escape to that can help us undo the stress and frazzling effects of the “human dance.”  Nature.  Nature offers a reprieve from all of this madness. Nature in her unconditional, non-judgmental Self gives each and everyone of us the opportunity to unfold our full Beingness.  She invites us to not hold back, but to expand.  She accepts us with all of our faults and requires that we hide no parts of ourselves in order to meet her approval.  She consistently reminds us of what it looks like to not hold back, look around, She is blooming everywhere, all the time. 

Imagine for a moment that you were in your favorite place in Nature.  A place where you feel safe and warm, where you can unfurl your energy field, soften relax and open. Take a long slow breath and allow yourself to sink even deeper into the safety of your body. 

Imagine also that you could call out to a spark of your own Divine Self.  That your could, with just and intention invite a loving, wise and gentle part of your spirit to manifest its presence to be with you now.  It will come to you effortlessly in the form that is the most easily acceptable for you to receive it.  Maybe it shows itself to you as a color, a scent, a feeling, or maybe with your inner vision it appears as a being of light.  However it shows itself to you, know that it is a piece of you, a wise and guiding piece of you.  Breathe in this understanding and allow this inner guidance to walk with you along the clear and open pathway that is now under your feet.   Feel the warmth of the sun, the touch of the gentle breeze, and hear the sounds of Nature that surround you.  The whispering of the trees or the ocean’s song? Tune into the presence of the plant life around you, the birds and other critters that may be out and about welcoming you.  As you walk with your guide-self become aware that the energy is changing. You are beginning to sense the presence of something sacred and holy in the air. 

You notice that up ahead the quality of light is different, it beckons and invites you, it calls to you.  As you pass through the open gateway and move deeper towards the light, you now can clearly see that up ahead lies a temple.  Perhaps that temple appears to be an actual structure like a building or maybe it is a circle of trees.  Be open to the many ways that you may perceive this sacred space.  One thing that you will absolutely recognize  as familiar is the light that you see and feel glowing from within this temple space.  It is this light that you have been longing to connect to.  The light invites you to surrender yourself into it.  Cross the threshold and enter the light of your sacred temple space.  Feel what if feels like to stand and bask in the warm glow of this light.  This light moves in, through and around you...in through and around you.   Take a deep breath and even more fully feel it move in, through and around you.  Breathe, soften, open, invite, surrender.

Slowly allow yourself to begin to become aware of the subtle nuances of this warm and gentle light.  The kindness of it.  The deep peace.  The intelligence and humor that it contains.  The profoundly restorative grace that it is. The rich sustenance of it’s spirit.  The uplifting joy it contains.  The unconditional love that is it’s very essence.  Feel it all and more, discover all you can about it’s essence.  Breathe it in deeply and enjoy the experience.

Do you notice the gentle pulsing of a heart?  The strong, clear, rhythmic beating of a heart.  Let your self be taken over by that pulse.  Breathe, soften, open, invite, surrender.  Feel that pulse in, through and around you.  Like a tuning fork you begin to come into synchronistic resonance with the rhythm of this heart beat.  Your heart beats strong in unison with the heartbeat of the light.  Your blood flows in unison with the heartbeat of the light.  Your whole physical body comes into alignment with the pulsing of the light.

As you come into alignment with this light you begin to feel as though you are one with the light.  Breathe, soften, open, invite, surrender.  With wild abandon, dive deeply into becoming the light.  You are inseparable from the light.  You are one with the light.  You are the light.  Immerse yourself in this oneness.  Breathe, soften, open, invite, surrender.  Now that you are the light, radiate, emanate, glow, shower, overflow...playfully, consciously, joyfully let yourself spill over and shine!

This is who you really are.  This is your true home.  This is the sacred light of your own essence.  You are merged with the light in the temple of your very own heart.  It is here that all the answers to your questions lie.  It is this light that you are searching for when you scan the faces of your loved ones for signs that they love, cherish and adore you back.  It is here that you are one with everything, and I mean everything and everything is LOVE.  Period.  It is you radiating your light that will add immensely to the creation of heaven on earth.  It is you we are waiting for.  You are the benevolent universe.   You are the wellspring of life force that flows up from the earth.  You are the blessings that rain down from the cosmos.  You are all of it, as am I.

I invite you to spend glorious amounts of time exploring the nooks and crannies of your Divine Essence.  Wonder out loud and wonder all of the time how you could even more deeply become one with it.  Wonder what it would feel like to make decisions from this place in your heart.  Wonder how good it could possibly get if all of us were to live our lives from the abundant center of our hearts.  Follow your wondering with the willingness to have it be so

My blessing, my prayer, my heart’s desire is that we all—the whole world and all her peoples—can come to know more of the beauty of our unique and magnificent essence.  May we usher out this year and invite in the next in the spirit of cooperation, grace, beauty and love that we all are.


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