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"Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live." 
- Henry Van Dyke
#57 December '09/January '10 PDF Print E-mail
Greetings From Linda First and then Maya

Linda shares: As I sat in our beautiful booth at the synergy fair, giving heartfelt hellos to those who have known us and introducing Isis to those who did not know the extent of all that we do, I reflected on the container Isis has created for the healing community.


Eleven months after becoming a partner at Isis, I am just now becoming aware of and beginning to embody all the ways in which we desire to truly live our mission statement: Creating Opportunities that Nourish Our Wholeness.


How do we, through Isis, create space for wholeness? Space that can animate and nourish the wholeness of the individuals who enter. Space that radiates permission for everyone to shine. As I am understanding it, we create space in the following ways:


* We create space for our community to discover themselves through the inspirational and educational content of the Isis Scrolls.


* We create a way for practitioners and clients to find each other through our magazine and our website.


* We create a space for the healing arts practitioners to share themselves with our community.


* We create space for individuals to explore their wholeness through the healing we offer in our personal practices.


* We create space for groups to come together and interact in our group space.


* We create space for healing practitioners to explore their gifts and skills by practicing their chosen modality in our affordable healing space.


Isis is ever evolving, ever expanding, with an eye on creating more ways to nourish ourselves and those who are drawn to Her gracious energy.


In my quiet moments I like to reflect on how at Isis I find joy in service, pleasure in right relationships and immense growth through the challenges of our expansion.


I enjoy finding myself as I learn to hold and flow with the spaces created by Isis. I cherish the gifts I receive through the interactions I have shared with our friends, readers, practitioners and clients. I am gently learning to be as present and conscious as I can with each interaction. My personal processes are accelerated through all of these interactions and I thank you.


I have found that my growth is not always comfortable or smooth. It’s often bumpy and I apologize for the stretch marks. (Maya thinks they are cute). For me it is a worthy journey because I want to tap into the deeper, ever-more nourishing vision for myself and the Isis community that lives in my heart.


Maya Shares: To hear and experience Linda’s perceptions and understandings of Isis is kind of an odd experience. Isis has been such a personal experience for me. It has been one of the most nourishing sources of growth and development in my life. It has been what has nourished the deeper me into being. It has been my deepest desire to create my most authentic self in a form that could provide nourishment for others.


Now that Linda and I have been exploring Isis from different angles, it feels as if my most personal self is transparently on display. Looking at Isis this way for me is like seeing my own reflection in water for the first time ever... If I had never seen myself and then suddenly caught a glimpse for the first time and thought, “Of course that’s what I look like, that is so me!” Isis is her own being expressing herself as a multi-level business and She lives inside of me in the form of greater love and self integrity.


And now Linda is marinating in this Isis creation and as it weaves through her and she comes into greater awareness of how it is influencing her, I get to see how she is unfolding. It is so similar to how it happened for me. To have nurtured Isis into being and then to have the privilege to watch, in utter amazement, how Isis gives to Linda fills me with awe.


What magnificent creative beings we are that we can set our own selves in motion and then participate with the momentum of our own healing presence.

Blessings from Maya and Linda


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