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"When your heart speaks, take good notes."
- Judith Campbell

#56 October/November 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Greetings From Isis


Linda Shares: For the past few years I have had the desire to be in a partnership where I feel like an equal.

This intention, I admit, probably had a lot to do with the recent ending of my 10 year relationship. Since then, I have had time to be with myself and grow a little. I would say that it really ended because somewhere along the way I lost myself.


Almost a year later I find myself in partnerships with very powerful, strong women. The partnership with Maya at Isis, a new housemate with great wisdom, Carolyn of the Divination Dialog and then my sister Tina of the New Earth Study Group. This is not exactly what I was asking for. Yet, it seems that every kind of relationship I am in is going through transition, and up for me to look at, and make a go of.


Now, being second has always served me, that is until now. It kept me out of the limelight, and I could do as much work as I wanted, which usually was much more that I needed to do. My parents were big time doers and I learned that to be a hard worker is to be a “good person”. So to help approve of myself, I “had” to work hard. Most of the time I did not get the credit I felt I deserved. This left me feeling unappreciated and kept me locked into the victim persona that I felt so comfortable in. I have always gathered many people into my life that I admired, to the degree of thinking of them as better than me. That kept me small, and comfortable, too. I really was just trying to be in control without being in total responsibility of my life.


I began to realize that for years and years, not only have I been hiding behind others, but I have handed myself over to other people to be protected, to be validated, to be nurtured, to be loved. (And wondered why they could not fulfill the job according to what I perceived were my needs.) In doing this, I did lose myself. So the true abandonment of my life was me from myself.


None of these highly developed women are letting me repeat the old patterns of comfortably being second. None of them will allow me to not show up or be less than all that I can be. With great compassion (and sometimes not, because I can be pretty stubborn) they reflect back to me where my old patterns are embedded, and allow me the opportunity to find and refine me.


I am grateful that I have manifested such amazing situations for growth from a misdirected desire. I realize too that within my struggle to find a partnership where I feel an equal, I am growing and learning about myself. And in all this uncomfortableness, I know I am in my wholeness.

Maya Shares: To seek to understand how much perfection and integrity this moment contains is akin to honoring our own powers of God/Goddess creativity and the role we have played in the creation of this moment. 


The emerging goddess energy on the planet is brought forth by our receptivity in and to every moment. The Goddess is not a “she” or a “someone,” The Goddess is our receptivity to what is. It is our receptivity that taps us into the Divine Feminine field of consciousness. This field of consciousness is the open door through which we enter into our Wholeness. 


We talk a lot about Wholeness in the Isis Scrolls. We have set strong intentions around Wholeness as a way of being. My current understanding of Wholeness is that it is a dimension of our inner beingness that emerges when we are fully aware that we are powerful co-creators of our lives and our worlds. It is where we are fully aware that we are one with everything and where we focus our co-creative powers towards creating more solutions, more love, joy and harmony, and more connection with and for ourselves and each other. 


Imagine all the energy that is spent collectively judging, defending, resisting, fearing and pushing away life. Now imagine all that energy freed up and consciously directed to the greater good. Everywhere we turn there is an invention and a solution that creates beauty, ease and joy in our lives. It is already happening. This dimension already has an expression on our planet.


The pathway into this heart-centered Whole life begins for each of us with the type of self examination and willingness that Linda has just shared. This type of self examination happens in direct proportion to how much nourishment we are receiving. This is where the healers in our community help us, they offer ways for us to open to more nourishment and that leads to more courage for self-exploration. Self exploration gives us the perspective to see where our life is being lived from our mental pictures.


When our world is created out of our mental pictures, we feel separate, dissatisfied and disconnected. Our mental body’s job is to discern danger by perceiving differences. To try to feel safe and in control in the big world, the mental body sends out false pictures of how good, holy and powerful we are. These pictures create a kind of three-dimensional movie set or stage, that we then step into and animate, much like the holo-deck in Star Trek if you can remember that far back. Our life is pretty much lived in the holodeck of our mental pictures. Sometimes we try and trade up for a better movie script and we try and convince ourselves that we are happy and complete, but we are not. Even the best movie script is at odds with the present moment. It is like a man-made film overlaid on top of the real present moment.

Stepping out of our small individual mental world of what we think life should be we begin to find the courage to embrace what is. We surrender our mind’s false sense of omnipotence to our receptivity. It is the nourishing waters of our receptivity, our Goddess energy, that heals and transforms the mental body into the greater mind of oneness which could be called God. The Greater God Mind and the Greater Goddess Body (field of receptivity) come together and something new is revealed: our Heart.


In a world of our heart we find connection because, simply put, we share one heart. True connection and the fullness of real love is what the present moment is made of. This is what is underneath the mental-body created reality. This is where I Am with my Wholeness and you are too. 

Blessings from Maya and Linda

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