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"The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others." -Carl Jung
#52 February/ March 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Greetings from Isis
When Blooming is the Only Option
I have lived the first part of my adult life questing for my Self.  I have been a bit consumed with the desire to connect with my deepest essential self and give it an authentic expression.

The Isis Scrolls and my personal healing practice at the Isis Osiris Healing Temple have offered me the pathways and opportunities through which I could search for, find and collect myself.  

It was a year ago that I shared, in these pages, that I was surrendering my attachment to the Isis Scrolls.  In the February/March 2008 issue the ìGreetings From Mayaî column was entitled Sometimes you just have to completely let go.  The stress I was experiencing brought me to the place of surrender.  I now see that the stress was life telling me that I had completed  a phase of my journey.  All that I had collected in myself was now viable, alive and ready to come into the brilliant light of NOW.  

It was time to switch gears and shift my focus from the inner realms to looking and really seeing what was going on in the big outside world.  What I see is amazing.  When I look deeply, I see love everywhere, in every situation.  I see people wanting to manifest their heartís desires more than wanting to defend against their fears.  I see that the right people do show up, and that the perfect help and support is not only available, it is already in place. Life, and all of nature, does indeed want us to thrive and bloom!  We are nature, and it is natural for us to thrive and bloom.  It is us, it is our creative, curious, willing hearts that are affecting and influencing the world Ö not the other way around. The balanced, present parts of us have the power now.  

As evidenced by the breath-taking amount of love, harmony and unity that was generated by President Obamaís Inauguration, we truly are the ones we are waiting for. Two million people gathered at that event and not a single person was arrested.  We are here with so much of our authentic heart-centered presence intact, that we can easily be trusted to redesign and re-create a life that is a reflection of our heart-centered ideals. 

The mama bear in me saw a world that was safe and nurturing.  It was time to more fully join the re-creation of an authentic world.   It was time to give birth.  

What has birthed out of me is a way for the Isis Scrolls, www.IsisScrolls.com and the Isis Osiris Healing Temple, to become viable heart-centered, authentic, influential businesses grounded in our communityórather than extensions of me, grounded in my quest for my self.  BIG difference!
So in light of all these changes, I joyfully announce that instead of letting the Isis Scrolls go, I choose expansion.  The choice of expansion in turn brought the wisdom, love and support of Linda Joanne.  Linda is now a full partner with all of the Isis endeavors.  Her creativity, passion, common sense and enthusiasm are exactly what Isis needed in order to come forth and bloom. Her energy brings Isis forth into the light of today.  Together we are grounded and ready to grow and flourish.

My growing pains felt very transparent and public as I moved though this last year of sometimes painful expansion. And yet our wonderful community has responded to me, to the Isis Scrolls and to the Isis Osiris Healing Temple with such love,  kindness and open warmth.  I want to say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.                                                                                      
                                                       ~ Blessings of Joy, Maya

Greetings from Linda
Humbly, I started 2008 with a simple question: How  could I help people around me and navigate in this time of great change without fear? I imagined that I would be gaining new expansive tools for my healing practice, so that I could pass on these techniques; to add balance. The year brought so much contemplation, the good and bad of discovering what being in service truly meant to me.

I feel so lucky to also have had the support of a group of strong friends who were also striving to live from their hearts and add love (not fear) to the tumultuous present day world. Powerful people, all with their own unique gifts and techniques for all of us explore. 

I found the words of these local healers written on the pages of the Isis Scrolls for me to read, study and find comfort in any time. I realized how important this bi-monthly magazine was to me. I took it to work at the hospital and would hand it to patients seeking something more in their healing process. Then, amazingly enough, I too submitted an article to the Scrolls. I defined myself and my healing practice through the words printed on a half a page in the  Scrolls Healing Directory. I also was gifted to find a home for my healing practice, at the Isis Temple. I was expanding and growing, and Isis was a big part of that growth.

I had answered the question of hope for my community by first finding the answer for myself. Being the communicative Gemini that I am, it came natural to want to spread the news of such a powerful reference in our midst, filled with words of wisdom from all the people I believe in. People of like mind who are gifting their support, comfort and help in the Isis Scrolls. 

It is from this passion that I am honored to join Maya with her expansive endeavors. I am in such gratitude that I now have a chance to help in spreading the tools of Wholeness through the expanding Isis Scrolls, Web-site and Healing Temple.                                                        

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