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"Now is the time to understand that all your ideas of right and wrong were just a child's training wheels to be laid aside when you can finally live with veracity and love. "  - Hafiz
#54 June/July 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Greetings From Isis
The Isis Scrolls is proud to present the
7th Annual Healing Arts Practitioner's Guide.
There is no separating your bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) from your life.  Your life is an outward reflection of your body.  Think of it, for a moment, as if you have a movie projector on the inside of you, projecting you outwards moment by moment—and that projection forms your life.  The conscious and the unconscious, the expansive, spacious places and the restrictive, contracted places.  You can look and you will see those expansive places and those restrictive places in the fabric of your life.  Similarly, the fabric of your life shows up, and can been seen, in your body. 

Each of the Healing Arts Practitioners in this Directory offer some unique way of supporting you in the process of inviting expansion into the restrictive areas of your bodies and thusly into your life.  Our lives become easier, more graceful and loving as our bodies become more open and spacious.

Our newest Directory of Healers is specifically designed to give you an opportunity to get a more personal look at the gifted people who make up our very abundant healing community. These are the people in our community who are helping us usher in a new heart-centered paradigm, one client at a time. 

Once again we get to say, “This is our biggest issue ever!”  A full 72 juicy pages of quality information, written by the practitioners themselves, collected right here in this magazine in order to help you on your healing path. We invite you to take your time as you browse through these pages.  We are sure you will learn new things about your Healing Arts Community and maybe even about yourself.

We were so inspired and filled with joy by the excellent practitioner column submissions that we began to envision joyfully inspiring our community:  We decided to flow the love back by creating this entire issue in color!  This issue is blooming with beauty!  It has been a very satisfying, expansive and energy-building experience.  It was the 2007 Guide that was our very first issue to display a color cover. And now, the 2009 issue is the first ever to be a full kaleidoscope of color.  To us, it expresses the beauty achieved naturally as individual colorful beings are woven together to make up our community.  We hope this makes your reading experience even more enjoyable.

This issue again features an easy to reference Table of Contents, complete with phone and page numbers for greater convenience. We don’t know about you, but we used the table of contents several times a week. It was like having the healing community at our finger tips!

Another one of our favorite features is the easy-to-read Cross Reference Index at the end of the magazine. This Index will help you effortlessly locate specific modalities and the people who offer them.  Just read through that list—you won’t believe what our healing community can do!

Our deepest gratitude and respect goes out to the healing arts practitioners.  I thank you for seeing the value in all the inward searching, discerning, and fine tuning that goes into describing your work. Each of you participated in grounding the frequency of your practices and services into reality with clarity and focus.  You animate with your hearts, with your presence and with your work, the healing heartbeat of our community.  And every one of you took the time, took the opportunity, and took the energy to refine yourself and your work through your contribution. Though it may seem like a personal act, we believe that this refinement process actually strengthens the community’s healing heartbeat. We hope this has been a healing for you and that you have been able to embody the greater clarity, self love and maturity we see in your writing. This issue of the Isis Scrolls is indeed a colorful work of art and a powerful collection of beauty, healing, practicality and transformation.

And to our community, we hope you benefit and enjoy this offering.  We invite you to keep a copy of this guide on-hand for personal reference, and to share with family or friends. Thank you for all of your support.  We also wish to remind you that we are now online.  This issue will be featured on the home page until August 2009, when it will be archived to the back issues section.  However, the unique and valuable information contained in these pages will be easily accessible to you year-round in the Healing Directory section of the website. Check us out at www.IsisScrolls.com.

This year has brought new abundance, support and much expansion to Isis.  From the softening and heart opening shared in last year’s Practitioner’s guide came a new partnership.  With Linda’s new perspective, we have continued to explore expansion within each of the three aspects of  Isis.  The Isis Osiris Healing Temple, The Isis Scrolls, and the website, www.IsisScrolls.com.  

We heard the community’s need for more practitioner space and have decided to take the beautiful rooms across the hall in order to offer a small group space and another practitioner healing room, both available to be rented out by the hour.

The new year also brought us a change to a local, “green” printer. Western Web prints the magazine.  They are located right here in Somoa and use 100% recycled paper and soy- based ink.

And we have a new web host who is helping us update our website to make it more user-friendly and current. We have changed the way the calendar and classified sections work, so you can now post your listings for FREE.  We have replaced the credit card system with the safer Paypal. We are also looking into adding a weekly blog site for the Tarot Girls of Divination Dialogue and inspirational updates from the Temple.

This issue carries so much change, expansion, beauty, color, abundance, love, joy and healing. May you feel the affects of this as it flows into our community and outward to the whole planet. May this directory be a blessing to you on your journey.  ~Maya and Linda

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