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"The essence of bravery is being without self-deception."
-Pema Chodron

#50 October/November 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Celebrating the Light Within
Water Self-Blessing Ceremony

This year at the annual Synergy Fair, I along with Rebecca Owen, editor of the Isis Scrolls and owner of R.A.H.M, Redwood Area Healing & Meditation, Inana Ishoa, newly returned to the Isis Osiris Temple with her private healing practice and  the ladies who sponsor Reiki Night every 2nd and 4th Tuesday up at the Isis Osiris Healing Temple, will be offering a sacred ceremony designed to facilitate a deeper, more intimate relationship with self.

It started back a few years ago when Joan Dixon, Marina Pierce and I were going to offer Liquid Light, energetically intentioned, high frequency, drinking water.  The more we worked with the consciousness of water in developing the business idea, the more we knew we could not contribute plastic bottled waste on the planet.  Though we shelved that idea, the intimate relationship I formed with water and the beautiful way it holds intention has stayed with me.  I have continued to invite the next octave of my work with this blessed element forward over the last couple years.  

Now the next octave seems to have newly emerged in synergetic fusion with the ever deepening and expanding understanding has been permeating my personal healing sessions and weaving it’s way into my life for many years now.  

There is only One Energy that animates everything.  This intelligent, benevolent, conscious energy expresses itself uniquely through everything on our planet.  It resides in the center of our being.  It seeks full spontaneous authentic expression through us into our lives.  And we are indeed one with this creative force, we are It.   I currently call it the Breath of Life.

In our celebration ceremony at the Synergy Fair, we will share our understanding of how, when our heart is open and our defenses drop, the innocence of the Breath of Life which animates us from within, radiates out uninhibited and blesses our life and all of life simultaneously.  It’s natural nurturing kindness fills and feeds us as it flows through us.

Most of us have come to know that what we focus on expands.  When we use this understanding mindfully our influence and creativity increase boundlessly.  For example, in the healing room, I focus on how the Breath of  Life manifests Itself through the client’s essence. Then, I observe, that with my focused intention and joyful celebration of what I see, that this breath of life grows and expands through the client’s bodies.  It does the work of softening and opening anything that blocks Its kind and loving expression.  My focus expands its expression.

In order to see and work with this dimension of my clients I have to first connect to this dimension within myself.  One day years ago, I realized my healing practice was not about “healing” others, it was about me having a few hours several times a week to be with the Breath of Life as it flows through myself.  I just seemed to do this better if I thought it was on behalf of someone else….once I transcended the thought of  “someone else”  I became content to be in the healing room on  my own behalf in their (our) presence.  I am there for us, and we are but one being together, experiencing the dimension of the one energy that animates everything.

My greatest joy is to be in connection with, celebrate, and ride the currents of this energy.  This level of ourselves is always alive and vibrant and always in communication with everything at all times.  It is just that most of us are not aware; or do not know how to sink ourselves into this level of vibrant oneness.

When thinking of water’s particular intelligence and essence I thought it could be a perfect creative vehicle through which someone could begin a mindful, conscious and intimate relationship with this animating energy within themselves.

Our intentions move us forward in our lives. We set an intention and the universe begins to shift, open and create a doorway which we can then choose to step through. If we don’t mindfully set good high-quality loving intentions for ourselves, they are set by default by the limitations of our belief systems.  Our deeply ingrained, firmly held, often unconscious beliefs stagnate the creative force of the One Energy—The Breath of Life.  Our conscious, mindful intentions create movement that propels us forward into the miraculous unknown.  Therefore, as powerful creative beings, we can set our heartfelt desires, prayers and intentions to come into a kinder, more intimate, more loving relationship with ourselves.   Doorways within us will then open in response to our intentions.

If we were to create more ceremony around this mindful intention and invite in the consciousness of something as powerful as water to join us, we would then be partaking in some of the beautiful support and nurturance that is available to us at all times.  Would you like to join us in stirring your intentions to come into greater, more intimate relationship with the conscious live energy that animates you into the water?  We can then allow the water to flow forth and gently open our awareness to this place inside.

At the Synergy Fair we will be inviting those who participate with us to allow themselves to be guided into meditative receptivity while being held in a loving container created by the Reiki Masters. In this state of receptivity you can hold a cup of water, knowing that your thoughts and emotions will imprint themselves into that water.   Imagine that in kindness, and in respect, in gentle grace and in love, being invited to allow yourself to feel your own desire for unity within the universe of yourself.

Imagine that you might bless, anoint, drink, or otherwise partake of your water with a fierce willingness to open to your own beauty.

Come join us and bring this experience alive in your life at
The Synergy Fair November 15 & 16 from 11:00-12:00

Blessings of Joy, Maya
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