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"The essence of bravery is being without self-deception."
-Pema Chodron

#49 August/September 2008 PDF Print E-mail
How is this an act of Love?   

For me this question is like a friendly and magical doorman holding open a dimensional door. It allows me to seize whatever struggle in front of me and flip it into  an opportunity to come more fully home to myself.  This question holds the door open to the subtle dimension of my inner Beingness.  I invite you to hold this question and a state of receptive willingness alongside any struggle or challenge you are experiencing.  Hold this, with no expectation of receiving an answer in the current moment, but with trust that one will come in its perfect time.  I believe this question can soften the layers of ourselves, relax and open our mind’s grip on it’s limited version of reality, and free us to connect to the current moment from subtle center of  our Beingness.   

My spiritual path is best described as a deep journey inward to the center of my being.  Opening the channels in my body through my thoughts, words, and actions to the subtlest of dimensions of my innermost self.  —The dimension where we are one with everything.  My joy then revolves around the  process of learning how to live my life from within this expanded dimension.
When I am here I can feel the kind, intelligent, conscious, loving breath and the heartbeat of life animating me and everything else.  Be it in form or not, it is just a matter of density and spaciousness.  I am in apprenticeship to this energy.  I delight in watching myself easily flow into this place and I delight in observing what triggers me to fall out of this place.   Opportunities are always given to show me how I can expand, open and relax my mind, reframe my experiences and undo my limitations, so as to flow back into the bliss of this sacred temple within. 

When I am in a situation where I can feel my self beginning to tighten, contract, or respond in fear, I have learned how to stay in observation of the thoughts and feelings and simultaneously hold open a doorway for myself to the inner sanctuary of my beingness by asking this question: How is this an act of Love? How is this very challenging, stressful, seemingly disruptive experience actually an act of love? This has been so profound for me that I wanted to share it with you. 

From my heart of hearts I will say that I have had enough experience in my central temple of Beingness to know with certainty that this is a Benevolent Universe and that everything is love. I know this when I am inside my whole self; I can feel the pulsing and the breathing, the exquisite satisfaction of love consciousness delighting in expressing itself in everything. I can feel how I am everything.

This leads me to experiment with my current understanding, to attempt to apply it in difficult circumstances.   If events or situations came my way that seemingly appear to not be love, is it possibly my own limitations and inability to perceive enough to truly understand?  I have learned that if I keep the “How is this an act of love?” question in the forefront of my mind while I am experiencing the struggle, that eventually my mind will soften and open, and the deep love will reveal itself...from the inside out. I melt into the deep love of my inner self while in the presence of the challenging event.

Sometimes when I contemplate the benevolence of life I can get hung up on “What about war, what about holocaust, what about…”  In light of these heavily painful realities it may be tempting to throw the whole “Benevolent Universe” concept out the window.  Even though I don’t currently have a way of completely framing or understanding these types of traumas through the lens of my current Benevolent Universe understanding, I do believe that one day I will come to fully know.  I do catch glimpses, fleetingly wise flashes of knowing that I, as of yet, have no words to convey.  I do anticipate however, that with each of the personal challenges and struggles that I transcend, I get closer to that understanding.  To be able to view those global traumas through the eyes of my unified self, and to take action to bring about healing from a more accurate understanding, is indeed something I strive for in my spiritual life.

Following this question deeper into myself is not a hands-off-the-wheel-of-life approach.  As I come more into my inner self, the next piece of knowing what to do reveals itself.  And as I follow that knowing, the next piece is revealed. It is a trust walk, but it feels kinder and more compassionate to walk this path under the light of this magical question.  For me it becomes a dance of continuously and courageously acting from enthusiasm and trust with what I know; going beyond my limits, more fully expressing myself in all forms.  This is how the dark and seemingly unused corridors to my inner self become familiar, well-lit pathways that I can easily traverse as I dance within my Beingness in my everyday reality.

I know many of you have your own way of inviting a reframing of life’s challenges; Methods that you have experimented with which help you deal with life in more intact ways. I would love to hear about your experiences, and I invite you to try what I have shared.  Please share your stories and your feedback at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Thank you to everyone, you enrich my life in so many ways. seen and unseen. It is a such a joy to be on the planet together at such a beautiful and potent time. 

In Love & Gratitude,

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