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"The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe."
- Albert Einstein

#48 June/July 2008, 6th Annual Practitioners Guide PDF Print E-mail
Greetings from Maya

The Isis Scrolls is proud to present the 6th Annual Healing Arts Practitioner's Guide.  This is our annual special edition that contains in-depth, detailed information written by the healing arts practitioners themselves.  This issue is the reference guide for our healing community.  I’m excited to say that this is the largest issue we have ever put out.  A juicy 64 pages of invaluable information and inspiration.  proof that our Healing Arts Community is thriving!

This 6th Annual Healing Arts Practitioner’s Guide is specifically designed to give you an opportunity to get a more personal look at the gifted people who make up our very abundant healing community.  I invite you to take your time as you browse through these pages and savor the very real, rich and tangible support system we have.

As I look back over the last year and reflect on how much has happened and how much I have grown, I can’t help but see a year’s worth of my personal transformation culminating in this particular issue of the Isis Scrolls.  The last Practitioner’s Guide was the first Scrolls issue ever to bloom with a color cover.  Back then it seemed like such a stretch to go from black and white to color.  The magazine was packed with practitioners, so packed in fact, that there was barely room for anything else.  What seemed so expansive at the time,  now feels stressed and tight to me. 

A year has gone by, and in that year I humbly (and publicly) struggled to redefine my personal worth and value through my experiences with this magazine. I have softened and have become open to seeing myself and all of life more deeply through the eyes of my heart. And as I opened to what feels like a whole new paradigm, I have been able to reconnect to this precious magazine and to all of life with a feeling of spaciousness and fullness of breath that has never been there before.   I feel there is more space between the cells of my body as though my very cells are spreading their (Isis) wings. 

As I put this magazine together, my family has moved out of the house we lived in for over 9 years, into a temporary house for the month of May. As we go to print, we are preparing our new home,  getting it into move-in condition, a process that has taken most of the year thus far. We will be moving into our new home by the 1st of June.  Moving twice in one month and refinishing a house while putting together the largest issue of the Isis Scrolls has been...oddly enough, the easiest, least stressful, most peaceful time ever.  I have never felt so safe, so comfortable and so well cared for by life. (Incidentally, Rebecca reports the same feeling in her life.)

To me this new found sense of spaciousness is reflected in the formatting of this issue. There is beauty in here that starts on the cover with the amazing artwork by Josephine Wall: “The Presence of Gaia”  It continues with two spectacular photographs. One is by my youngest son, Zachary (14) and one by professional photographer Paul Wiles. We have also featured a deeply symbolic story, written by Anodea Judith (it is an excerpt off her website) about Shakti and Shiva.  It is beautifully displayed in color and woven throughout the magazine. 

This issue features a more spacious Table of Contents, which is complete with phone and page numbers for greater convenience. There is also an easier-to-read Cross Reference Index at the end of the magazine.  This year it is in a larger font that spaciously spans 4 pages.  This Index will help you effortlessly locate specific modalities and people.  Just read through that list—you won’t believe what our healing community has to offer!

In addition to all of this, there is the main feature: an impressive collection of very skilled and gifted Healing Arts Practitioners who fully participated in this magazine.  Rebecca and I enjoyed seeing how they have grown and transformed themselves, how many of them are able to describe themselves and their work with greater clarity,  self love and maturity. This issue of the Isis Scrolls is indeed a work of art and a powerful collection of beauty, practicality and transformation.

My deepest gratitude and respect goes out to the healing arts practitioners.  I thank you for seeing the value in all the inward searching, discerning, and fine tuning that goes into describing your work. Each of you participated in grounding the frequency of your practices and services into reality with clarity and focus.  You animate with your hearts, with your presence and with your work, the healing heartbeat of our community.  And every one of you took the time, took the opportunity, and took the energy to refine yourself and your work through your contribution. Though it may seem like a personal act, I believe that this refinement process actually strengthens the community’s healing heartbeat. 

And to our beautiful community, I hope you benefit and enjoy this offering.  I invite you to keep a copy of this guide on-hand for personal reference, and to share with family or friends if they have healing needs or desires arise over the next year.  Thank you for all of your support.  I also wish to remind you that we are now online.  This issue will be featured on the home page until August 2008, when it will be archived to the back issues section.  However, the unique and valuable information contained in these pages will be easily accessible to you year-round in the Healing Directory section of the website. Check us out at www.IsisScrolls.com.

May the abundance of these healing intentions flow into our community and outward to the whole planet. May this directory  be a blessing to you on your journey.   

In Joy, Maya

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