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"When your heart speaks, take good notes."
- Judith Campbell

#38 October/November 2006 PDF Print E-mail
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Greetings From Maya

This issue finds us celebrating the Isis Scroll’s 5th Year Anniversary as a print magazine!  We put together the very first Isis Scrolls in October 2001 as a way to advertise classes that were being taught at the then, Isis Institute.  A lot has changed—the Isis Institute is now the Isis Osiris Healing Temple, and the magazine is going global.  Happy birthday to us! 

On the cover we have featured a sample mock-up of our website.  The good people at JSC Marketing are hard at work on it.  We are very happy with how it’s coming along, and how beautiful it looks.  Of course it won’t really be in Spanish, that is just JSC having fun with the sample.  They are working diligently to get IsisScrolls.com up in all her glory.

This website project came from a response to tuning into the intelligence of the over-lighting consciousness of the Isis Scrolls, as well as tuning into the heartbeat of our beautiful Humboldt County area.  Though we have been committed to following this guidance, and trusting it, we did  not necessarily know upfront how it was going to look until it began to unfurl its wings.  As we periodically touch in with the energy, we are delighted to watch it unfold.  It’s been so fun to consciously be a part of something that has it’s own light and wisdom; To be free to not need to have all of the answers—or even know upfront exactly what we are creating.  Willingness to allow, combined with wonder, have been the main ingredients required of us.  What an honor it has been to work with this consciousness.  We have listened for her wisdom to co-create with: Okay, it’s time to get a website up...Okay, it’s time for Maya to quit fiddling around and hire someone.  Okay, it’s time to come up with the  money for the website.  [Yikes.]  It’s time to just tune in, and stay in touch with the heartbeat of the community.  Okay, it’s time to recognize potential.  This is exactly how the process has looked for us.  What a relief it’s been to not have to come up with all the answers—or even to hold the complete vision by ourselves! 

Now we are beginning to realize that the website will be a huge resource for healing in a way we didn’t understand previously.  We have been so excited about being able to just get the magazine up in color, and out to the greater global community, that it wasn’t until recently that we were able to even conceive of the greater potential we now have to offer: the gateway service directory.  The gateway service directory will offer a new level of ease and accessibility to quickly locate a healer in our area, research healing options, or learn about healing modalities in depth.

The site will include a cross-reference index, just like the one in the back of our June/July Healing Practitioner’s Guide.  When someone clicks on a healer’s name, they will be able to bring up either the first level, which has basic information such as address, phone, email, and website information; or in addition to this info, they will be able to see a full bio written by the practitioners themselves. (These bios will be like the ones we used in the June/July issue.)  Those healers who want to be a part of the online directory, who did not participate in the June/July issue, can just submit a similar profile.  If you did participate, how great is that— yours is already written!

The website will allow us the flexibility to update the healers’ changes much more frequently than the annual print magazine does.  As the word spreads that someone seeking healing is able to simply access our site, and within minutes be able to pull up full profiles of ALL the participating practitioners in our area offering the service they are in need of, well, the results are really a win-win.  This will be a valuable gateway for healers and clients to meet, and to be able to quickly know who’s right for whom. 

I would strongly encourage all of the healers who are able to do their work long distance, to start thinking about how you can describe yourself and your services in this manner.  One of the things we know, is that the beauty and unique healing heartbeat of Humboldt County and our healing community is very rich and valuable.  It is this concentration and quality that we are being asked (by the  over-lighting intelligence) to offer out, to make known through the website, to the larger global community.  We anticipate and intend to fully optimize our website so that it can reach as many people as possible.

 Back issues will be available, including the June/July issue, and anyone will be able to quickly access the magazines this way as well.  However, the Gateway Directory will be the quickest, most concise way to get this information out there.  We have not set the pricing for the 2 levels of the Gateway Directory as of yet, but are committed to fairness and affordability for our healing community.  We will continue to put out the print magazine bi-monthly and there will be an online business card gallery; so if your display ad is in the magazine, it will also be in the gallery for the same two month period at no additional charge.  This is just one more way to be seen.


Business Card Gallery: FREE with paid print magazine display ad. Will run on a two month cycle along with the print magazine.

Gateway Directory-level one: Name listing under appropriate cross reference headings, with address, phone number, email and website info.

Gateway Directory-level two: All of the above plus a full in-depth personal bio.

Featured Ad: 90 X 90 (pixels) Limited to 4 ads per issue, showing on the homepage of the website. Example is on our cover: the sample mock-up under “Sponsored Ads.”  You will be able to click on the ad box and pull up either the above mentioned column or some other full page ad.

Banner Ad: (no flash) 430W x 80H (pixels) We can take up to 10 different practitioner’s ads and rotate them along top of site.

Our website features all of this, plus the quality bi-monthly article content that you have come to expect, and a more “real time” up-to-date classified event calendar, which can be updated weekly instead of bi-monthly to keep the class information current.  How does it get any better than this?

We will keep you posted with a further update, and plan on putting together a flyer to mail and email to our clients, once the site is fully up and running. We anticipate that our site will be up before the next print magazine comes out.

Blessings upon you,


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