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"Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live." 
- Henry Van Dyke
#37 August/September 2006 PDF Print E-mail
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Greetings from Maya

The end of July finds me in profound gratitude. This summer has been one of extreme expansion for the Isis Osiris Healing Temple, the Isis Scrolls and for me personally.

 The beginning of the year brought great changes with Joan Dixon moving to Santa Rosa to take a full time job at hospice.  The change was fraught with confusion, and left both Joan and I asking “Well, now what?”   Fortunately, previous to her leaving, she had the idea of inviting four new healers to come share space with us in the Temple: Inana Ishoa, Reidun Olsson, Rebecca Owen and Kincade Reed. In retrospect, we now understand that she was replacing herself even before she knew she was leaving.

I was deeply sad over losing the partner that I had created so much with for the previous five years, and yet I had only to look around me to see that I was, in the midst of this chaos, well supported, loved and cared for.  The strong presence, enthusiasm, and love of these four healers, along with other magnificently bright souls who stepped forward, sustained and nourished me during a time of emotional upheaval.

Since then I have played with deepening my understanding that we are continuously nourished by a Benevolent Universe.  I sought to find any old constructs or belief systems within myself that told me otherwise, and to heal them.  The belief in a punishing God is so immersed in mass consciousness that even though I spiritually know benevolence to be true, there still lurked places in my physical, emotional and mental bodies that believed contrary.  As I set to work on this self healing,  so too did my new healing companions.  We have each dedicated ourselves to opening the tight places within ourselves to grace, joy and ease. The power of our group energy quickly brought about immense change in our outer reality.

Blessings of supreme generosity have been bestowed upon the Isis Osiris Healing Temple.  We have been the recipient of a total new makeover. The Temple has just recently been completely transformed; it has been repainted and re-carpeted. It is a beautiful site to behold.  We have no doubt that this up-leveling is a physical manifestation of the inner up-leveling work that each of us have been so diligently doing .

In addition to the excitement at the Temple, our websites are deep in the creation process.  IsisOsirisHealingTemple.com is up and running with the help of Cyd Desso.  Check it out, she really helped me bring my ideas to life.  This process then helped lay the foundation for IsisScrolls.com.  The Scrolls site was a much bigger project than I imagined. It  has been  immensely challenging for me as it has required that I grow and stretch in ways I would never have thought were related to something so seemingly simple as getting a website up!

I’m happy to say though, that Joan and I remain in contact and are collaborating with JSC Marketing, a professional web building company on this site. We are working to have it completely up by summer’s end.  The site will afford us the opportunity to feature our issues in color! Back issue will be available, as well as opportunities to further support our healing community as well as our readers. 

 I would also like to mention that Rebecca Owen has replaced Joan and my husband David, (yes, she is that good, one for two) in the editing of the Isis scrolls.  She brings her wisdom, skill, enthusiasm and love to the Scrolls.  Her editing influence has sharpened and clarified this magazine, and her creative ideas along with her courageous heart will lead us sailing into the future.  She too will play a major role on our expansion through the website.

 I can honestly say, there has never been a period of such great expansion for me personally as 2006 has ushered in.  Simultaneously,  I have  never experienced feeling so full of grace, so in love with and in gratitude to all of creation.

May your hearts sing in grace, beauty and love also!

Blessings, Maya

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