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"The essence of bravery is being without self-deception."
-Pema Chodron

#40 Feb/March 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Greetings from Maya

New Year’s Eve brought a gathering of friendly, conscious and delightful beings to my home for good food and a big bonfire.  Shortly after midnight we had an event that to us was a clear statement of the potential of this New Year.
The fire was winding down but still plenty beautiful and warm.  As we sat there enjoying the glow of red hot coals one friend spoke and said something like, “What I wouldn’t give for yam and some foil.” It was true, fire conditions were ripe for a potato roasting.

My husband, who had prepared the evening’s fire, said that oddly enough when he had been hauling wood over earlier in the day he had seen a sweet potato just laying around on the ground.  He grabbed a flashlight and quickly found it. It was in perfect condition. Since we have never grown yams up at our place, we were at a logical loss to know just where it had come from, the yam was quickly dubbed the “Miracle Yam.”  In short order, another friend pulled a folded piece of foil out of her coat pocket.  She had tucked it there earlier in the evening.

The miracle yam was ceremonially foil-wrapped, rolled into the coals and in due time shared by us all.  We reveled in the joy of the instant manifestation.   Ahh . . . the taste of a foil wrapped bonfire roasted with-good friends heart’s desire New Year’s prophesy heralding yam. The miracle yam incident got me wondering in some depth: What would this world look like if more wealth were shifted into the hands of the conscious, connected beings who are intent on creating their heart-guided version of heaven on earth?

When I chat with Mama Earth about this I hear that the new energy flooding the planet does seek to redistribute the balance of power to those who recognize that their wellspring of power lies within; those who actualize this inner power with love and grace.

It is time for conscious beings to ask for all the support they need in disconnecting once and for all from the limited and outdated power-over tribal consciousness, and from any vows of poverty that are lingering just below the surface, sabotaging our ability to prosper.

We can shift our spiritual understanding to reflect our appreciation for the beauty of our very own essence.  We can come to more fully understand that it is the wealth of our very own essence that we are meant to bring forward and share in a way that honors the sacredness of life on this planet.

Money is a means by which our spirits can freely move around and fully experience all that this fascinating planet has to offer us.  Money supports the coming forth of our true nature as loving, curious, joyful beings.   Many of us have rejected wealth because we did not want to draw it to us in a dysfunctional way.  In rebelling against the greed, we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.  We can draw abundance to us from an intact heart.  We can re-define money as a sacred tool and use it wisely, and in harmony with all living things.

Where some of us are struggling now, is that even though we can embrace this new concept that Benevolent Divine Source is conspiring to shower us with our heart’s desires, the old paradigm is still engrained in our tribal consciousness.  Since it is our root chakras that hold the tribal consciousness, this old struggle belief is actually held in our bodies.  It is there until we have done conscious work around identifying, dissolving and replacing these beliefs.  This can leave us feeling like we are simultaneously half in one world of bliss and half in one world of poverty.

It is time to slip into the unified field of knowing that you are a co-creator and everything you need and want has already been provided for you. (The unified yam field!)

How do you slip into the unified field?  Well for me it’s kind of like those magic eye pictures, the ones where you have to soft focus your eyes and let go of the mental body’s need to see the buried 3D image. You find that when you just breathe, relax, soften, and open, the image seems to come to you. Same is true for the Unified Field, which is the dimension where it is quantum-ly possible to instantly manifest or instantly receive a healing.

Breathe in light through the center of your heart, relax, open, breathe some more, count your blessings, move deeply into gratitude, breathe, relax, open, be grateful...before you know it, you’re in.  You know you are there because it feels like bliss and your bodies begin to sing joyfully in unison with each other.
Once there, invoke your guidance and Mother Earth, invite yourself to receive a healing and to be filled up and nourished.  Ask for help disconnecting any place in your being that still holds the old energy of struggle, and reconnect to grace, joy and ease.

Most of us have moments in the Unified Field but are not aware that we can go here for a specific purpose such as healing or manifesting. Remember at all times we are living in a friendly and benevolent Universe. One that we are actually made from, that moves in, through and around us and that is always within us and embracing us.

The Isis Scrolls website, www.IsisScrolls.com, was built as and act of faith, on instruction from my Earth guidance, for reasons that are slowly becoming clear to me.  I am being shown that it can be a channel through which abundance can flow for our community.  It offers an abundance of healing options gathered in one place:  the abundance of exposure for the practitioners; the abundance of ease for those seeking to learn more about complimentary health care.

The Healing Directory has the capacity to be an excellent, all-encompassing place to research holistic modalities and practitioners.  My goal is to have as many practitioners as possible list their contact information and their in-depth personal bios.  This year I plan to build up the Healing Directory and begin to systematically launch the website into greater visibility, both online and within our community through additional advertising.
It is my dream that our community may prosper in the new paradigm ~ meaning from grace-filled, intact unified heart-centered ways.  It is my dream to use the website and the Isis Scrolls to do my part in redefining money as a sacred tool.  One that can be used to anchor healing energy and love consciousness onto our beautiful planet.

There has never been a more potent time than NOW to step forth into our power as the divine, co-creating beings of love that we are.  Again I ask you to imagine what this would look like if wealth were shifted into the hands of conscious loving people…The Earth is waiting for us to assist her in revealing another octave of heaven right here, right now.

In Grace and Joy,
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