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"The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others." -Carl Jung
To Begin Again PDF Print E-mail
To Begin Again
By Damion Sharpe

Following winterís call to go within. As the nightfall and the coolness of the air invite us to seek warmth, we nourish and build from within our foundation of presence and love.

Look upon the horizon to this New Year as a field of possibilities where your thoughts, prayers, visions, words, and beliefs are supported.
Look upon the horizon as an empty canvas that you color and shape with what is within.  To have more and more of our strokes upon this canvas of life aligned with our essence and what we truly want. This is what I want for you and me.

Over the last few years the practices I discuss below have helped me align with living in my genius more of the time and have supported me in completing many desired visions: I filmed a few short films, recorded many of my songs, wrote my first book, and am close to completing my second book.

I share these practices hoping they will support you in creating a joyous life!

Daily Meditation~ just sitting, breathing, and being.  Even if you have a practiced meditation format, I find it helpful to drop it at times and practice the art of being with self and breath.  This daily practice can open you to the vastness of the life and universe flowing within and through you.

Daily Passion~
After breakfast and meditation, spend 90 minutes (even 30 minutes is great if thatís all the time you have) on your true passion.  Whatever you do in the first 90 minutes of the day, that is what you are asking the universe for more of.  For example, if I awake and begin cleaning the house, I am asking for more things to clean.  I find that through this practice of spending the first 30-90 minutes writing or creating music, my whole day is sparked with creativity.  It is as if I am fueled up from the inside and never run out of creative ideas and flow!  Some days I donít make time for it, but over the last year I have spent approximately 60-70% of my mornings on my daily passion.  The results: the idea of writing a book became a reality and the second one is almost complete.  I invite you to wake up a little earlier if need be and spend 30-90 minutes of your day on what you feel the most passionate about and excitement for.  If you love your work and that is your big passion, spend the first 90 minutes of your workday on an account, project, or next step that is aligned with your passion and ultimately what you want more of. I know this idea may confuse those who thought, as I did, that itís better to do the things I dislike first and save the best for last.   The challenge with this approach is that I usually  run out of time and am unable to work on my passions, or if I had the time, I am often tired.  I have very little if any success to show from this tactic.

Listen to your bodyís wisdom~ Imagine each cell in your body is a vast pool of wisdom that is tapped into the whole of the universe.  Your thinking apparatus, the brainís logic land, is a great tool, but I invite you to let the body lead.

We have created a world that is mind dominant and the body is secondary.  Itís as if the body needs to be fixed, shaped, and tamed by the mind/dogma/beliefs/concepts.  It is the bodyís wisdom that saves you from being hit by a moving vehicle or closing your eye right before a bug flies into it.  Also the body knows in an instant if the answer to a question is yes or a no, before your brain does. It may not make sense to the brain at the time to turn down, letís say, an opportunity, but years down the road it may become clear why you said no.  I came to discover that all the drama in my life is created by not listening to the clear no in my body, and then thinking my way to a yes.

All respect to your brain!  I am just inviting you to level the playing field and let the body and mind work together to create your dream life.

Let food be your medicine~ Think of food as your medicine and your best health insurance policy!  Eat local, fresh, organic, and non-GMO foods.  Pay attention to how your body feels after a food choice and if you donít feel great, make a different choice next time.  The way you feed your body translates into  how you care for and love yourself.  Do you give yourself the time of day?  Or is it all fast food?   Or is it just thrown together to get the eating business taken care of?  Have a meal celebrating that you have a body.  Cook a meal for yourself as if someone you honor greatly were coming to dinner óYOU!

Let media choices be your medicine~
Movies, shows, literature, and music are like food.  You are taking it in and digesting it.  Think about an image in a film that, after it flashes by, you think to yourself, man how do I get that out of my head?  Or how an image from a show of something you donít want to happen to you suddenly appears in your imagination in the darkness of the woods or while driving.

I invite you to ask yourself while watching or listening to media,  ďIs this really representative of what I want the world to be like for me or the generations to come?Ē and ďAre these images or concepts what I want to continue and support?Ē

If not, begin to make new choices.

Turn problems and challenges into opportunities~ When you have challenges, problems, or triggers before you, take 100% responsibility for your part in creating them.  Then you can position yourself to face the challenge and learn from it. Feel the feelings you have held at bay through drama, distraction or being busy all the time. Keep asking whatís underneath that until you get to the core feeling that wants to be expressed and moved out of your body.  

Life is constantly inviting us to live freely and heal old traumas.  You can see it calling to us through the problems we keep cycling.  If we blame the world and the people around us for a problem that continues to happen, it will never end.  But when we see we are the ones riding in a circle, making the same choices and getting the same results, we can make a new choice.

Some of these experiences may bring up past trauma. If they do, take the time to go within, get support, and heal through clear, full, and kind expression of your feelings.  I recently created a huge drama in my life that was my wake up call.  I went into a major trauma response from something that happened at the age of nine.  I took responsibility for my actions and got support from healers in the community to get through the trauma.  I faced it and moved through to a new level of integrity and a calmer,  more receptive nervous system.

Play with it all!~
Create playful moments throughout your life.  From the serious to the mundane, find ways to playfully discover life anew. Notice how a childís curiosity looks with amazement at life; I invite you to take this stance throughout your day.  With a childlike curiosity, feel the amazing opportunity life is giving you now to celebrate yourself and others.  With your family or when at the grocery store, discover new ways to play and engage with life.

Letís live our dreams by listening to our heart and letting our song of joy fill the airwaves of life!
Oh I love that tune!

See Damionís class and workshop offerings in the classified section of this issue on page 38. He can be reached at 707-497-9039. Visit his website at www.damionsharpe.com

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