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"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. "
- Jean Anouilh

The Role of Healers, Spiritual Teachers & Teachings PDF Print E-mail
The Role of Healers, Spiritual Teachers & Teachings
By Traci Webb

The role of spiritual teachers, spiritual teachings and healers is to guide us to connect with the Light within.

Our Inner Light is always connected to the Source of Light (Source). When we connect to our Inner Light, we are connected to the Source.

The experience of Source is one of true peace and true wisdom. This is the space where all healing happens. This is the space where wisdom resides and all teachings are known, the space where all questions dissolve. This is the space where the need for the outer teacher, the outer healer, the outer teaching is also dissolved. This is the space to be cultivated.

We are part and parcel of this Source, this ocean of peace. Just like the river water as it reaches the ocean shore, we dissolve back into the Ocean of Peace.  We merge with It. We are one with It.  We can never be truly separated from It. Trying to separate water from water is impossible.  

As the goal of the river is to merge again with the ocean, the sand which helps guide the way should not be mistaken for the ocean itself.  Any healer, teacher, or teaching which breeds dependency upon itself is falling short.  The role of the healer, spiritual teacher, or spiritual teaching, although a very vital and often indispensable one, should not be mistaken as an end itself. The role of all of these is to point us to the Light.  

There is a great story to demonstrate this: There is a mother holding her infant. The mother is attempting to get the baby to look at the beauty of the sunlight by pointing at the sun. The child, however, mistakes the mother’s intentions. The infant gets mesmerized instead by the mother’s finger. Those on the healing and spiritual path can be likened to this child: innocent and easily mesmerized by the one doing the pointing. This is true even when the one doing the pointing—the mother (healer/teacher/teaching)—intends for the Light of the Sun (the Light Within) to be the goal—not their finger.  

In this season of outer “darkness,” may we send a prayer of Inner Light,for our families, communities and world at large:

May each being experience the Love within. May each being experience the Beauty within. May each being experience the Peace within. May each being know the Wisdom within. May each being remain connected to the Light within. May that Light guide each being so that all their actions are Life, Health and Evolution supporting. May All Beings see All Beings in All Beings.

Photo by David Cooper

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