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"Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack.
We give it orders which make no sense. "  - Henry Miller
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Fortuna is bustling with healing energy these days. Isis Scrolls wanted to let you know about your options, so we asked Zanna to do a little neighborly investigating.  Let’s join her and take a fresh new look around Fortuna.  

My Town
by Zanna Majerle

As a small-town girl from upstate New York I was excited by Maya’s request to write an article about my newest hometown, Fortuna, and the opportunity to meet my neighbor healing arts practitioners.  Fortuna is a small city nestled between the borders of the Headwaters Forest Preserve, an old-growth redwood forest, and the Eel River and pulsates with the synergistic energies created by both.
I first visited Humboldt County two years ago and fell in love with the people, the landscape and the rhythmic pulsing I felt in my body and spirit. For the first time in many years, I felt alive—I could breathe here!

My family and I purchased a home in Fortuna in July 2014. We made a number of visits to the area to be sure that what we felt the first time is what we’d feel all the time, should we relocate.  We have not been disappointed.  In fact, it is here in Humboldt that we have at last found our true path and purpose and are living into the calling on our lives to practice healing work.  

Moving to Humboldt meant more than a change of scenery for me. It also meant that I could devote my energy and time to follow my passion to have my own business and to bring all my life experience, education and personal spiritual growth into my life’s work.  I opened Living Oasis Healing Studio in early 2015 and have been discovering more and more of myself as I have laid hands on my clients.  This has become more than bringing healing to others; it has become the vehicle for my personal healing and growth.  Living Oasis Healing Studio has birthed me!

I offer my clients the benefits of all I have learned, the power of my intuition, my strong connection to Spirit and my deep yearning to empower others to transform their lives by connecting to the Divine.  I do this with Holy Fire and Western Usui Reiki, through the use of essential oils including, AromaTouch Technique, for healing on multiple levels, Spiritual Counseling and the reading of Universal wisdom through tarot cards.  The synergy of working with these modalities is incredible and brings deep healing to my clients and myself.  I believe that once the pebble of healing is dropped into the waters of community, the ripples reach out to all and impact everyone’s life in that community.  For this reason, I am committed to my town of Fortuna – to be at one with all who live in its boundaries, to enliven the spirit of the earth that holds us in her bosom, and to flow with the healing waters of the rivers and streams refreshing and nurturing us.

I invite you to meet the healing arts practitioners of Fortuna who graciously gave me their time and energy to speak of themselves, their passions and their practices.  Here is what I’ve learned about My Town.   

Fortuna is indeed fortunate to have Madame Fortuna’s Lucky Heart Shop in our midst.  The Lucky Heart Shop is located at 591 Main St. and is owned by Takasha Young.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners, Takasha opened her store on June 1, 2015.  She lives in Fortuna with her husband and son and it seemed to be the perfect next step in her life. Her venture began as a venue to sell the orchids her family grows locally under the name Pangean Farms, but it soon became an amalgamation of Takasha’s various studies and interests.  The end result is a unique blend of orchids, locally made art, aromatherapy products, tea blends, cooking spices, and bulk dried herbs in an amazingly calm yet invigorating atmosphere. The store hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday - Friday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Takasha is also an intuitive card reader and a Kripalu Yoga instructor.  She teaches yoga classes and offers card readings in classroom space adjacent to The Lucky Heart Shop.  Her mission as a reader and yoga teacher are to honor and embrace each student’s search for personal growth and well-being.   Kripalu Yoga is both supportive and non-competitive. Students are encouraged to find their own rhythm and to move at their own pace.  Takasha told me that yoga is both stress relieving and a daily practice. “Yoga is not just done on the mat. You take what you learn on the mat and bring it into your life.”

Classroom space next to the shop is available to the community to teach classes benefiting the healing arts community.  For more information please contact Takasha at 707-682-8080 or see her on Facebook/theluckyheartshop.

Kim Eubanks, a Fortuna resident since she was 2, brings her family’s commitment to teaching and medicine into her multi-faceted practice.  Kim offers Therapeutic Bodywork, Healing through Whole Foods Nutrition and Chinese Medicine, as well as childbirth and related services. Her certifications include Heartwood Institute – Asian Healing Arts: Zen Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine & Whole Foods nutrition; Swedish Esalen Massage, Polarity Therapy, and Somatic Emotional Release; ICEA - Childbirth Educator;  FHFL - Infant Massage Instructor and  Childbirth Doula.  Kim also holds a BA from Humboldt State University in Religious Studies with a minor in Health education.

As a doula and childbirth teacher, Kim is committed to helping families build strong familial bonds right from the beginning.  Along with childbirth education, Kim teaches new parents infant massage, a practice that helps parents read their baby’s non-verbal communication as it builds strong parent-infant bonds.  

Kim helps her clients live a more fulfilling and balanced life by bringing a calming, purposeful energy grounded in her own experience of physical injury and life struggles. Those realities deepen her compassion for her clients.  Kim can be reached at 707-725-8788.

Another long-time and beloved resident of Fortuna, Bonnie Travis practices chiropractic, cupping, and herbalism, teaches classes to the public, and is an instructor with Loving Hands Institute Massage School in Fortuna.  Bonnie established her first chiropractic practice in 1985, although she’s been adjusting people since she was a child.

At the age of 8, Bonnie had a bad fall from her front porch resulting in tremendous discomfort and pain in her abdomen.  Her mother took her to a chiropractor for care. That became a pivotal moment in Bonnie’s life as she remembers the amazing relief she was given.  She was fascinated by the idea of adjusting a body to bring pain relief and health, and soon she and her sisters tried it on each other.  Bonnie would go on to a life of adjusting spines and bringing balance into the bodies of her family, friends and, ultimately, her clients.
The addition of herbal remedies to her practice is the result of many of her female clients’ additional health needs. As Bonnie recognized these needs, she decided to study with Michael Tierra of East West School of Planetary Herbology in Santa Cruz. She now brings the power of plants to her clients through the use of herbs.  Bonnie also incorporates cupping into her practice – a method of moving toxins through the drainage systems and out of our bodies.  These combined modalities are the foundation for Bonnie’s healing art.

Bonnie shares her vibrancy and joie de vivre with the public through the classes she teaches on topics such as: menopause, osteoporosis, and herbal medicine making.  She also teaches advanced abdominal massage, cupping massage, and facial cupping at Loving Hands Institute.  You can contact Bonnie at: 707-502-5070. 

Fortuna is blessed to have the combined energies of husband-wife team Chelsea Colby and Jeff Haloff, California Licensed Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine practitioners.  Together they practice as Humboldt Acupuncture. Jeff and Chelsea also offer Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional counseling. Jeff is a Feng Shui consultant as well.  

Humboldt Acupuncture is founded on the principle that our natural state of health is one of balance. Life’s stress and trauma cause imbalance which can affect each of us in unique ways.  Jeff and Chelsea practice Oriental Medicine as the tool to help one’s body, mind and spirit recover their ability to bring us into balance. Jeff helped explain the concept of Oriental Medicine as the harmony of the cycles of nature.  By bringing harmony into people’s bodies, minds and lives, they witness it reverberating throughout the community.  Acupuncture can help with any number of health issues.

Jeff and Chelsea practice from twin offices in Eureka and Fortuna and can be reached at 707-268-8007. Currently, many insurance companies have acupuncture benefits.  Jeff and Chelsea accept insurance.

Lisa McWaters,
Certified Health Coach, is on a mission to help people get off the diet treadmill, to start appreciating the beauty of who they are, and to begin to feed themselves in a holistic manner—and change their lives!  As a typical teenager, Lisa struggled with body image and eating disorder issues.  She never felt “good in her body” and marveled at how many of her female friends suffered from the same concerns.  She remembers committing with a friend to doing something about it by finding a way to help each other and other women feel better about themselves.  After a number of years pursuing their family-owned business, Lisa decided it was time to step into the role of finding the solution to help others discover their way back to health. 

Lisa’s business is THRIVE Wellness Center, and from her office in Fortuna she offers health coaching, (which often is more like life coaching) through movement, healthy eating, and body awareness.  Lisa is a personal trainer and offers fitness sessions for those who are not comfortable in a gym setting.  Through the use of equipment (not gym machines) such as free weights, bands and bosu balls, Lisa empowers people to find  ways of becoming fit in a setting right for them. Lisa is expanding her business with new classes, community events and is partnering with other healing arts practitioners in Fortuna.  She can be reached for a free 50-minute session at 707-362-6774.

A newcomer to Fortuna, Alexandria Breeding brings to our community her excitement and passion for finding healing through the power of plants.  Alexandria grows and makes herbal teas and tinctures and partners with Takasha Young to sell them at Madame Fortuna’s Lucky Heart Shop.

Alexandria trained at the Dandelion Herbal Center in Arcata but has been planting herbs and using them for herself for years.  She began her journey with herbs while seeking healing for trauma she had experienced. She discovered the healing energy in plants that connect us to Spirit and uses herbs to keep herself grounded and to maintain her sacred connection to Earth and Spirit.

Alexandria can also be found at Fortuna’s Farmer’s Market selling her herbal products.  Some of her favorite tea blends are helpful with: stress relief,sleep ease, and supporting a healthy nervous system.  You can connect with Alexandria by calling 707-496-0748.

Kim Chamberlain brings a unique and robust practice to Fortuna. Kim does advanced massage on land or in water!  Attached to Kim’s home is a beautifully built watsu pool (see photo) where Kim does a type of weightless, gentle massage with the client floating in warm (salt) water. My visit to Kim’s pool made it clear that everyone could benefit from this beautiful modality.

Kim found watsu during a particularly difficult time of change in her life.  She was looking for a way to reinvent herself and was drawn to massage. While at Harbin Hot Springs, Kim saw watsu and knew it was the type of therapy she needed and would be bringing to her community.  Imagine being afloat in a warm pool, stretching your muscles while being gently cradled and moved through the water. That is the watsu experience.  Kim is also a deep tissue massage therapist and often combines table massage with water massage. Kim offers waterdance, a type of therapy that works with the synchronization of breath and movement beneath the water, slowing the heart and breath to produce a deep meditative state.

Kim’s watsu pool is kept at 96 degrees (skin) temperature so that there are no sensations but the tension-less support of water that allows the body to relax deeply.  Her pool is handicap accessible and has a pool lift. Kim strives to combine modalities to give each client the best therapeutic massage she can. Kim can be reached at 707-725-8867.  Gift certificates are always available.

Scott Kosarich, a holistic massage practitioner, has lived in Fortuna since 1976 and loves it here because of the mild climate. As in the Goldilocks story, he finds it’s just right!

Scott has always felt called to help people. While working in an office environment, he noticed most of his co-workers were stressed and in pain from sitting for long periods of time.  Scott knew that massage could not only make folks feel better in their bodies, but could help with stress as well.  Scott’s initial experience giving massage came when he offered to massage his wife after she had fallen down some stairs at work and hurt her lower back.  She soon had no more problems with it, and Scott was empowered.  He continued for several years massaging friends, coworkers, and others who looked as if they needed it.  When his wife and two friends suggested that he get certified in massage, circumstances allowed  Scott to start classes with Loving Hands Institute.  Not long after completing the primary class, he was asked to subcontract with Loving Hands as a massage practitioner.

He continues to work at Loving Hands.  Scott is also being trained to teach at the Institute. Scott told me that he has a mutual relationship with his clients. As he works on someone, he also gets relaxation and healing.  His favorite customer is a pregnant woman “because she carries the future, and because when I bring a pregnant woman relief, she is the happiest person in the world. She floats out the door happy and smiling.”
Scott offers these massage modalities: Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic massage, reflexology, trigger point, myofascial release, and pre-natal massage.  He owns Serenity Massage and works from his home. He subcontracts on Saturdays, and occasional Sundays with Loving Hands Institute in Fortuna. Scott can be reached at 707-725-5833.

Kathleen McWhorter
is a lifelong resident of Fortuna and a Certified Massage Therapist.  About 16 years ago, while going through a transition in her life, Kathleen began receiving massage regularly as part of her personal healing journey.  Her experience with massage changed her path and her life on many levels. She was able to release stuck energies, physically and emotionally.  As she did that, she realized how much she would like to be able to do the same for others.  What Kathleen loves about massage is the connection she has with other people.  Kathleen believes wholeheartedly in the gift of laying on of hands. She knows that she is not the healer. The healing comes from God and is strengthened by the intention to heal not just the body, but the mind and spirit too.  “I try to set a new intention before every client and pray that what they need, they receive.”  As a committed Christian, massage therapy is the means for Kathleen to live out her faith.  Although not part of her public practice, Kathleen’s faith is the foundation for her passion to bring healing through the power of laying on of hands.

Kathleen told me, “As for the people who come to me, we are meant to touch each other.” Kathleen offers Swedish massage, hot rock therapy, and light touch therapy for terminally ill clients.  She is excited to be partnering with Lisa McWaters at THRIVE Wellness Center where she hopes to be offering healthy eating and cooking classes in the near future.  Kathleen can be reached at 707-599-2812.

Kim Lockwood, who has called Fortuna home for 15 years, is a doula and childbirth educator who returned to Fortuna from Papua, New Guinea where she, her husband and sons were missionaries.  Kim’s foray into childbirth doula and teaching began immediately after her fourth son’s birth in 2010.  Kim and her husband had planned a home birth, but circumstances required that they deliver their son at Mad River Hospital. Kim’s home birth midwife accompanied her during the labor and birth as her doula. That birth experience was so dramatically different from her other three births that Kim began doula training just two weeks after the birth.  She is a certified birth and post-partum doula.

After completing training, Kim brought her doula training and passion for laboring women back to New Guinea when she returned to the missionary assignment.  She soon began accompanying native laboring women in the hospitals where  family members were not allowed to be present.  Kim was able to calm the birthmothers’ fears, help them to understand what was happening to them and their bodies, and then accompany them through the birth process.  

Kim returned to the U.S. and started her business, Village Doula Services in 2014. She has accompanied 24 births since March 2015 and over 130 births total.  Kim works with moms at Redwood Memorial, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Mad River Hospital, as well as at home births.  Kim’s purpose is realized as she empowers women in the birthing room to make their own choices so that they are in control of their birth experience.  She wants them to be “Queen For A Day!”

Kim’s doula services extend beyond the birth, as Kim offers breastfeeding education and support to new moms/parents. Besides childbirth education and doula services, Kim also offers placenta encapsulation, bengkung belly binding, and maternity photos.  When asked what drives her passion, Kim told me, “I love the adventure!” Kim can be reached at 707-382-1329. Her website is: www.villagedoula.com.

Karen Richardson
has been practicing massage therapy in Fortuna for almost twelve years and considers herself blessed to have found her true path.  Karen told me, “I didn’t choose massage therapy; it chose me!”

During a tumultuous time in her life as Karen was seeking a career change, doors for new jobs just weren’t opening for her.  After deciding to answer the call of massage therapy school, amazing opportunities started to present themselves to her. She realized she had found her calling.  Upon completing training and becoming certified, Karen began teaching at Loving Hands Institute Massage School and has continued for 7 years.

Karen’s menu of massage options reads: Swedish massage, lymphatic compression, acupressure, deep tissue massage, myofascial release and reflexology.  Karen also teaches ongoing yoga classes she calls Stretch, Posture and Pose – a modified yoga class designed to increase muscle strength, ingrain posture techniques for easing pain, and stretch  muscles and fascia.

I asked Karen what keeps her focused on her journey, and she told me that as she helps her clients achieve their health goals and manage pain in a holistic way, she is also healed and finds greater balance in her life.  Karen can be reached at 707-832-6823.

Alynda Lindley is a Fortuna massage therapist who splits her time between working as an elementary school instructional aide and providing customized massage. Alynda is a graduate of The Arcata School of Massage. She is California Certified and a member of AMBP Massage Association. Alynda’s uniquely compassionate approach to her clients’ needs is a blend of therapeutic touch, making each massage experience unique. Alynda provides clients with many different modalities: Swedish, hot stone, prenatal, reflexology, cranial sacral, deep tissue. She also practices a type of energy work that is used to balance the body’s energy fields.  She can be reached at 707-502-0779 or 707-442-7491.

There are more practitioners in my town; unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to meet with them. I invite you to reach out to the practitioners included in this article and discover the powerful healing energies flowing from “The Friendly City” of Fortuna – My Town.

Zanna Majerle can be found at
707-599-3247. Her website is:

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