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"Now is the time to understand that all your ideas of right and wrong were just a child's training wheels to be laid aside when you can finally live with veracity and love. "  - Hafiz
Mastering your Destiny PDF Print E-mail
Mastering your Destiny,
Energy Healing & True Healing Solutions
By Crystal Sage

Mastering your destiny is the single most important endeavor in life.  It’s absolutely imperative to your evolution for a positive outcome and to heal all disease. I know from my own experience as an energy healer that energy most definitely can be transformed! This is when true healing takes place.

For the purposes of healing and evolving, we need to transform energy.  In my first book, Heal Beneath the Surface, I said, “In order for true healing to take place, you must change the way energy interacts, change it from disharmony into harmony.”

Most disease is caused by long-term emotional stress (fear) which eventually affects the physical body. While experiencing stress, the brain may perceive anything nearby or in your body to be harmful, even if it’s a healthy substance.  The nervous system is alerted and sends a message to the body to activate the immune system to ward off the culprit.  This conditioned response is then programmed into the brain, nervous system and every cell of the body. Until properly healed, a conditioned response (symptom) will continue to appear when the stimulus is present.

Avoidance and Cleansing
only provide temporary relief. Transmuting or transforming energy gives more permanent results than avoidance or cleansing alone.  Once the energy is transformed, the brain and nervous system no longer perceive the substance (toxin, food, person, etc.) as harmful. Thus a person can come in contact with that same substance that triggered the symptom without having any ill effect.

When I began down the healing road, the very first healing I ever did was to successfully eliminate my boyfriend’s migraines. He had experienced migraines for over 30 years every single month. However, the healing did not prevent him from getting another migraine the next month until I learned how to transform the energy.

It’s important to realize that evolution is inevitable.  Constant craving, aversion and struggle are sure signs we need to reprogram some underlying limiting belief or fear.  By erasing fears, limiting beliefs and general disease, we become more aware and deliberate in the creation of our life. Life becomes easier; intentional reprogramming (erasing all emotional disease) breaks the cycle of all disease.  No more grasping outside your self.  That’s when you will experience true peace, and awaken to your inherent love, beauty and worth.

Remote Energy Healing - Remote energy healing utilizes Universal Intelligence which exists beyond the physical realms of time, space and matter.  Universal Intelligence is the non-physical Spiritual Life Force Energy or God that creates, connects and animates all living things. Like radio waves or electricity, this invisible energy travels instantaneously and communication is possible regardless of the distance. Energy healers utilize Universal energy to transmute negative programming,  allowing your body to re-balance and restore its own natural energy flow and heal.

Some people have a difficult time processing their own disease because they are emotionally attached, are physically too weak from toxins and deficiencies and/or  have too many blocks or limiting beliefs and fears.

Energy healers can help bypass the above problems, quicken healing and make the healing more permanent.  Healers don’t have limiting beliefs about healing, so they become a clear channel.  This along with proper deliberate intention makes healers capable of facilitating the healing of others, even from a distance.  

Ultimately, all healing comes from God, a Universal power, or whatever you call Divine.  Healing practitioners “facilitate” a person’s willingness to heal by tapping into Universal intelligence with focused intention and complete unwavering faith.

Healing goes way beyond just eliminating annoying, painful symptoms.  Healing physical symptoms is just the beginning of a life-long journey of self-discovery, of your Soul’s evolution to higher states of consciousness.

Author and expert energy healer Crystal Sage has over 20 years of experience healing humans and animals all around the world. She is the author of the book Master your Destiny and Heal Beneath the Surface. Crystal has healed herself, without drugs or surgery, from many chronic and debilitating conditions. During her journey to heal, she discovered her natural “gift” in energy healing and has become so proficient that she guarantees results!   She has helped hundreds of others to heal with great success, all by only using natural nutritional remedies and energy!  Visit her at TrueHealingSolutions.com.

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