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"The essence of bravery is being without self-deception."
-Pema Chodron

Help Yourself with Jin Shin Jyutsu PDF Print E-mail
Help Yourself with
Jin Shin Jyutsu:

The Prime Mover

by Denny Dorsett, RN

Non-living substance does not pulsate.
Living substance pulsates.
 -Wilhelm Reich, The Biopathy of Cancer

Down the front of the body and up the back, our life energy supports the breath in continuous exhale and inhale, expansion and contraction, pulsation. This primary flow of energy, which in Jin Shin Jyutsu (the Art of the Creator through the Compassionate Person) we name the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy, cycles every twenty minutes, 360 breaths more or less, through the six energetic levels or depths of our being.

“A depth is just a vibration of the Safety Energy Locks in that depth.” (Muriel Carlton, Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher, 6/10/2010, in class).  There are twenty-six pairs of Safety Energy Locks, each one roughly the size and shape of an orange, located in the front and back of the body. Like circuit breakers in an electrical system, the Safety Energy Locks regulate the flow of life energy. When the flow is not in harmony, one or more Safety Energy Locks, or SEL’s, shuts down, and we have a symptom. Be it pain or other dis-ease, the symptom lets us know something’s out of balance. Just as we check the circuit breakers when we have an electrical problem in our home, when we have a problem in physical, mental, or emotional being, Jin Shin Jyutsu sends us to the SEL’s before the house burns down.   

Our subject here is Safety Energy Lock 1, located at the inner knee where the bones meet. I suggest you hold it while you read. Hold either one or both, using any part of your hand or hands. Make contact without pressing or rubbing. Just hold.   

Jiro Murai, the early 20th century Japanese monk who retrieved Jin Shin Jyutsu (also called Now Know Myself) from the mists of ancient oral tradition where it was very nearly lost forever, called the Safety Energy Locks “Eki Ten,” Fluid Divine Beings. Mary Burmeister, his student who brought the art to the West, translated this as “Safety Energy Locks.” These beings, or energetic concentrations, live in the wateriness of our bodies to keep us healthy, or safe. Because they’re part of our divinity, they can’t be disputed. They’re locks. To open them, we simply need the right key, which is the spark of cosmic energy we’re all blessed to hold, quite literally, in our hands.

Right now, if you’re still holding your inner knees, you’re using your own healing hands to harmonize the Fluid Divine Being whose name is the Prime Mover. (At this point, experiment with crossing your hands while holding SEL 1, or, if your hands are already crossed, uncross them.) Consider, if you want to think about something, what needs to move for you. It could be your body, your will, or something you ingested, physically, mentally, or emotionally, that’s not agreeing with you. Help it move through.

Feeling stuck? Hold your ones. Hold them sitting or lying down, for two minutes or an hour. Use any part of your hand, front or back. Meditate, converse, watch a movie. If pulses arise under your hands, notice them. How do they feel?  If you feel pulses at both inner knees, do the pulses feel different? Do they change with time? Later on, has something begun to move for you?    

Jin Shin Jyutsu recognizes nine depths. If you take a Jin Shin Jyutsu class, you’ll hear about them all in their marvelous, reeling magnificence. Here, we’ll begin with the sixth, beautifully described in The Touch of Healing. The sixth depth is the transition between the “impersonal” universe and our own “personal” human experience. Accordingly, it is the source of our personal life energy. This source nourishes all of our organs as well as all of the materializing forms of energy within us. At the sixth depth the universal life energy is more dense and has become the “blueprint” that determines the building of our manifested form. This progresses from our outermost surface—governed by the first depth—to our innermost physical core, governed by the fifth depth.1

Safety Energy Locks 1 through 4 comprise the first depth of Jin Shin Jyutsu. First depth enables us to accept and digest nutrients, including but not limited to food. The organs of first depth are the spleen and stomach.

The first depth creates our skin surface through which we perceive nurturing touch from other beings. Our skin is also our container, literally the vessel in which we exist and through which we distinguish our identity as unique beings. It gives us a place in which to pulsate, a place from which to initiate movement.

Here is the connection to Safety Energy Lock 1, The Prime Mover. As one emerges from the zero field, its first impulse, the way it defines itself as a different energy, is to move. Here we begin to manifest our being.

“When the first depth is in harmony, we feel secure in our capacity to admit nourishment. The opposite feeling is worry, the attitude associated with the first depth.”—Alice Burmeister, The Touch of Healing

To balance the first depth, which you might want to do if you worry a lot or your stomach bothers you, hold your thumb. Do this just as you held your inner knees, except that here you can hold your whole thumb by wrapping the other hand around it gently. Again, hold whichever thumb you’re inclined to, or both in succession. Each depth has a corresponding finger, which makes for a perfect, low-key way to comfort yourself in any social setting. I use this hold so much for self-soothing that I often find myself holding my thumb without thinking about it. Do babies who suck their thumbs know more than we think?

Skin, digestion, security, worry, movement. Welcome to Jin Shin Jyutsu, the light touch energy work that connects widely different ideas to restore us to well being. Though it’s ancient, it’s easy to miss in the fascinating forest of modalities we live in. For me, along with the seminal work of Wilhelm Reich quoted at the beginning of this article, it’s one of the grandmother trees. I come to it again and again, as practitioner and recipient, nourished and sheltered by “Now Know Myself.”

Denny Dorsett, RN practices Jin Shin Jyutsu for individuals and teaches self-help classes at the Arcata Wellness Center. She delights in the surprising ways that her nursing and Jin Shin Jyutsu practices enrich each other.

Note 1. Burmeister, Alice, with Tom Monte, The Touch of Healing, New York, Bantam, 28-29

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