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"Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live." 
- Henry Van Dyke
Earth Mysticism PDF Print E-mail
Earth Mysticism
By Ellen Dee Davidson

 It’s in the rock and stone, the blood and bone, the leaf and tree.  Everywhere, all around, the Earth holds knowing.  We can access this directly through our communion with nature.  For the past five years, this has been my main practice.  I have been hiking miles, mostly alone, into old growth redwood forests, two to three days a week, and then sitting for a couple of hours at the base of one of my beloved trees.  As my ability to deeply listen has evolved, the Earth has become a powerful guide,  one available to all of us.

At the same time, I have felt a reaching out from my Celtic lineage.  My maternal, Celtic line experienced much trauma over the past centuries, and our tree-worshipping tradition was, for the most part, broken.  In meditations with the trees, I’ve had a recurring sense that the ancient Celtic mystical traditions are offering to come alive again for us.  Perhaps it is because reverence for trees is so critical for our survival during these times.  Certainly restoring our tree-worshipping traditions complements the necessary restoration of our forests.

Like our forests, many of us find ourselves in our second, third, fourth or even clear-cut spiritual traditions, and we seek ways to connect that were probably embedded in the culture of our long-ago ancestors.  I have glimpsed what an unbroken, living spiritual tradition feels like through Tibetan Buddhist teachings.  This gives me simple guidelines of love, kindness, compassion, and respect for all life to follow as I explore the wild path to the sacred heart.

You, too, can explore this path.  Walk in the forest, opening your senses one by one.  Hear the birds chirp.  See them flit from branch to branch.  Smell the damp mulch of the earth.  Listen to the music of a singing creek or to the way the wind sashays through the canopy.  Allow the fresh air to lure you farther down the trail with promises of more delights to come.  In this state of presence, find a tree that calls.  Ask permission to sit at her base.  And sit until time doesn’t matter anymore and you stop fidgeting!  Sit until you feel your seat on the ground, a firm solid base.  Sit until the back of your heart chakra feels the “ah-ha” of linking with the tree and sweetness pours in.  Maybe even sit until the lid comes off the top of your head and everything expands into light.

From this place of peaceful awareness, it’s possible to discern various frequencies.  For me, it’s often earth elementals, star beings, ancestors, or the various personalities of the individual trees.  But there are many more possibilities, as these primeval trees act as conductors and magnify the ability to commune with all sorts of realms.  Here is where I sometimes am infused with the wisdom of my own Celtic mystical heritage.  Some of the wisdom is simple and fun, like embodying an elemental energy and realizing that I am both the being and the being is also separate from me.  Some of the wisdom is factual and of the more ordinary world, such as when I was told in May 2015 that the smoke in the air was from “sister trees burning across the world” and came home to Google that there actually were fires in Siberia causing haze here.  Did the trees know about forests across the world?  Or did the tree help me communicate with some intelligence that did?

I’m not sure, but all of us are part of the web of life, and it is an unimaginably intelligent web.  Ancient trees are a fantastic way to tune in.  Who knows where your inquiry might lead?  Let yourself loose!  Have fun.  Go to the wild and let the Earth be your guide.  She knows balance and can help each of us find our best way to contribute to the harmony of life on Earth.

Happy Note: David Milarch of Archangel Ancient Tree Archives has been planting clones of ancient Oaks in Ireland.  To find out more, check out this article in the Irish Times. http://wwwirishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/jurassic-bark-ancient-irish-trees-brought-back-to-life-1.1971695#Vjc36314PcE.mailto

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