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"When your heart speaks, take good notes."
- Judith Campbell


Why I’m Certain Mr. Fluffy the Cat has Reincarnated
as a Rabbit

By Jessica Bryan

Readers of Isis Scrolls may remember “The Tenth Life of Mr. Fluffy,” an article I wrote about how my beloved feline crossed over into Spirit but continued to communicate with me. One of the things Fluffy said was that he would try to come back and live with us again.

About six months after he died, I began to look for him.  I was hoping he would be a dog because then he might not be so vulnerable.  My efforts were futile.  Even though I am clairvoyant, I was too emotionally involved to be objective in finding him in a new body.  Finally, in desperation, I told the Spirit of Mr. Fluffy that if he wanted to live with us again he would just have to show up in our backyard.

Another six months passed, and then one day I glanced out the kitchen door and was surprised to see a small grey bunny going nose to nose with Buster, one of our two remaining Himalayan cats.  The rabbit was not much bigger than a large rat, and he could run faster than any animal I’ve ever met.  We quickly gave up trying to catch him and began canvassing the neighborhood for his possible owner.  Actually, “he” could have been a “she.”  We didn’t know at that point.

Approaching a house down the street, we met the husband in the driveway.  “If I had my way, we’d eat that stupid bunny for dinner.” Knocking on the door, we met his wife, who tugged at her hair and screamed: “That bunny is driving me crazy.  He won’t stay in his cage and I have two children and a ten-hour-a-day job.  You can keep him!”  The kids were staring at their mother and seemed confused.

Keep him we did, and we named him “Mr. Pickles.”  At first, our other cats tried to chase him, but we were able to teach them to respect our new friend and not consider him as possible dinner.  He’s been with us for two years now, and we are convinced he is Mr. Fluffy reincarnated.

For one thing, he has occasional trouble remembering where his litter box is, and although he tries hard, sometimes he misses.  He refuses to be put in a cage and has the run of the house and fenced backyard.  Also, he’s in love with Buster the cat and follows him everywhere.  When Fluffy was alive this relationship was reversed—Buster followed Fluffy everywhere.  Well, I guess even animals create karma!

Mr. Pickles has taught us many things about how animals communicate, most of it being telepathic.  He looks at me and projects his thoughts.  Usually it’s quite simple.  For example, I was reading the paper when he nudged my foot.  “What do you want?” I asked.  He went to his food dish and shoved it halfway across the room with his nose.  Then he looked at me and nudged my foot again.  After I put food in the dish, he beamed me his little bunny “thank you.”

He also likes to play.  Just today I was digging in the garden with a small tool.  I looked down and there he was at my feet.  He gave me a penetrating glance and began digging a small hole right next to where I was digging.  Mr. Fluffy was also very much into holes, whoever was digging them, so this was another confirmation.  Mr. Pickles, like Mr. fluffy, favors picking up the plastic dustpan and carrying it around in his teeth and chewing on shoes.

Whatever Spirit lives in Mr. Pickles, we take great pleasure in having him in our lives, and we watch him closely to see what other lessons he has to teach.  Perhaps someday I’ll write a book called “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From My Rabbit!”

Jessica Bryan is an author, book editor, and spiritual medium. She does clairvoyant readings and a type of energy healing from the Philippines called “Magnetic Healing.” Jessica lives in Ashland, Oregon and can be reached by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it Read her blog: www.psychicsurgery.wordpress.com

Note from the editor: “The Tenth Life of Mr. Fluffy” is available  to read online at IsisScrolls.com in the featured  articles section in the Oct/Nov 2015 folder or you can put Jessica’s name in the search bar.

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