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"When your heart speaks, take good notes."
- Judith Campbell

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All Part of the One
Rev. Diane Decker

Spiritual and religious belief systems shape our world views.  The current discord between and among cultures is a symptom of human woundedness brought about by a lack of understanding.  When understood, the diverse wisdom of our spiritual legacies promotes healing, not divisiveness.

New Thought pioneer Ernest Holmes, the author of The Science of Mind, was a radical of the early social justice movement.  They taught, and we continue to teach, a message of equality and prosperity for all.  We teach that all religions contain important truths and that all people are divine creations of God.  In the Old Testament, Malachi 2:10, we read, “Have we not all one Father? Hath not one God created us?”

Our New Thought philosophy promotes and works toward a world that works for everyone.  Today we’re in the middle of a planet-wide shift in values.  The implications for religious and inter-cultural healing and personal development are profound.  At the heart of this shift lies a need for a new understanding of peace and nonviolence, economic justice, human rights, and ecological sustainability.

Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore wrote that we humans believe in limitations and that it is that belief that fixes the inflow and outflow of the Divine in our experience.  As we learn to use spiritual principles, we gain greater access to the Law of Good.  We let down our walls, those mental limitations that we have placed on our lives, and allow Spirit to work in our lives.

The great spiritual traditions of the world have always told us that at its very root, human life is linked to its universal source.  Emerson said there is one mind common to all people.  This affirms our belief that we are all one in Universal Mind.  When we discover our connection to the world around us, we can re-align our life with the shift toward oneness and harmony in and through diversity.  We can help to restore the divine spark in humanity and bring forth our innate love, compassion, wisdom, and joy, nurturing a flourishing life for all people.  

That divine spark I speak of resides in our own hearts.  Sometimes we might look out into the world around us and see the Charles Dickins character, Scrooge.  Or maybe we even feel like Scrooge sometimes!  If we remember, though, even this unloving, mean-spirited man was able to discover his greater self.  He learned the power of love through giving.  Love must be released and shared.  Jesus left us with one great commandment, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  We’re all capable of giving and receiving unconditional love. Just because we may have forgotten how doesn’t mean that we can’t remember.

Alan Cohen tells this story -
As a young woman rummaged through her purse trying to find her wallet, she could smell the liquor on the man’s breath as he waited patiently for a handout.  As he walked away with a $10 bill, a woman behind her said, “Don’t you realize you just wasted your money?  He’ll be at the liquor store in 5 minutes.”  To this the young woman replied, “Maybe so, but I didn’t give him the money with any conditions.  He is free to spend it as he needs to.  And, I gave it as much for me as for him.

Mahatma Gandhi said that we have to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”  We can’t create a world that works for all until we practice and live it in our own lives.  To activate the power of love, we have to expand the reality of love into the world.  To put love in motion, we engage it with our actions.  The young woman in the story affirmed her ability to participate in the flow of life.  There is the give and take, a flow of appreciation.  When we have something to give, we feel gratitude for having it. The receiver is feeling blessed as well.  There is then an uplifting response that you feel in return.  

Giving primes the pump for greater good in the world. Give time, give smiles, give money, give stuff, give hugs, give service, give rides, give respect, give love. Giving is blessed by its reflection as love, compassion, and understanding.  We can release the vibration of love wherever we go: in line at the grocery store, in the workplace, on the highway, at home.  Go on; be the change.

Rev. Diane Decker is a Minister of Religious Science.  She is available for sacred ceremonies, public speaking and spiritual counseling.  Rev. Diane is the facilitator of Spirit Talk every Monday evening at Isis.  Join us at 7:00 PM to learn how to integrate a positive philosophy into your everyday life.

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