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"Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack.
We give it orders which make no sense. "  - Henry Miller
Transmitting for Humanity at Isis PDF Print E-mail
Transmitting for Humanity at Isis
by Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones

Two friends, both middle-aged women, bumped into each other while shopping at a department store. “It’s good to see you!” said one.  “How have you been?”
“Fine. And how’s your son doing? Is he still unemployed?”
“Yes.  But he’s meditating now.”
“Meditating?  What’s that?”
“I don’t know,” replied the friend with a shrug. “But at least it’s better than sitting around doing nothing!”

An oldie, to be sure. Yet this juicy tale of irony, once shared only in certain esoteric circles, might be said to have improved with age.  Why?  More people now get the punch line.  Over the past five decades, meditation has become so commonplace in the West that nearly everyone understands that is (most forms of it anyway) demands a great deal from a person—spiritually, mentally and often physically—in ways that everyday living doesn’t.

I began with a joke for the purpose of drawing attention to the doing aspect of meditation, because I want to tell you about Transmission Meditation.  And it’s what we DO during transmission that sets this meditation method apart from others.

Here’s the big picture of what we do:

We serve humanity by sitting for one hour, in groups of three or more, and focusing on the zone between our eyebrows, the area commonly called the brow chakra, or the third eye.  During this time, members of the Planetary Hierarchy (spiritually advanced beings who guide humanity’s progress from behind the veil) direct energies from the highest spiritual planes through the chakras of the meditators.  This creates a pool of useable energy.  Based on their greater understanding of our world, these Higher Intelligences then redirect this energy to wherever it is most needed at that moment.

In practical, chronological terms, what we do breaks down like this:

First we get comfortable, in chairs, or on the floor, in whatever position we like (though I don’t recommend reclining, as it sometimes leads to snoring).

Next, we read aloud together The Great Invocation.  This has a way of quickly shaking off the street dust, shifting our minds up to a higher plateau, and galvanizing our collective intention.

Then we put our attention on our brow chakras.  Because the technique of Transmission Meditation takes but a few seconds to learn, the only real learning curve involved is training one self to bring the focus gently back to the brow chakra whenever the mind wanders.  Those who are experienced with some form of meditation generally master this quickly.  Beginners may require a bit of practice.

Experiential Aspects of Transmitting

Another thing we do is enjoy the experience of transmitting.  While Transmission Meditation exists to serve others, it seems to come bundled with a variety of pleasurable side effects.  Most people who try it say it leaves them feeling refreshed, renewed and clear-headed.  But for some, this is only the beginning.

Some transmitters report feeling a light tingling sensation around the head and shoulders.  Others claim to experience currents of healing energy flowing out through their throat, hands, feet, heart, even their entire body.  Still others say they feel “more aligned” or “more attuned” during transmission, or they describe the experience as “a pleasant energy bath,” “a spa for my mind,” “a magic carpet ride,” “ecstatic,” or “beyond words.”

Depending on the individual, these and other positive side effects may linger for several hours, or even longer.  Those who transmit regularly say that during the interim, they find it easier to demonstrate love, or that their minds are more alert or creative.  Some find that transmitting weekly enhances their regular meditation practice.

Something I Do
I have always enjoyed opening my eyes at the end of the hour and observing those around me.  Faces look absolutely radiant.  Some look years younger.  Each person’s unique inner beauty seems to pour out through their eyes.

Is Transmission Meditation For You?

It might be.  With more than 600 groups transmitting weekly in 40+ countries worldwide, Transmission Meditation does enjoy wide appeal.  I’d say that if one or more of the following situations applies to you, you owe it to yourself to give Transmission Meditation a try, at least once:

You need a little help getting through the rest of the workweek.
You want to clear your mind and renew your energies quickly.
You have back problems and need to sit comfortably.
You regard yourself as spiritual but not religious,  you want to meet like-minded people.
You are curious as to what the Transmission Meditation experience is like.
You are introspective and/or mystical by nature.
You prefer meditating with others.
You want the opportunity to come home to yourself through meditation without having to commit to a demanding regimen or a steep learning curve.  
You want to augment your overall meditation experience in a way that doesn’t interfere with your regular meditation practice.
You feel motivated to serve humanity.
You feel connected in some way to the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet.

Where to Find Us, Etc.

We meet every Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Isis, upstairs in the Zoe Room.  There’s always ample parking at Sunny Brae Center.  We provide floor cushions, but bring your own zabuton or favorite fold-up chair if you like.  Or bring a bed pillow to pad your chair.

A $2 per person donation is requested to help cover the cost of room rental, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones is a metaphysical minister, a certified life coach, a gifted psychic-intuitive, a life purpose specialist, a power animal specialist, and a meditation teacher. Visit her website at www.Life-Purpose-Readings.com.

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