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"There is no way to peace, peace is the way." 
-Thich Nhat Hahn
Healing Arts Guide PDF Print E-mail
 The 13th Annual, 2015/16
Healing Arts Guide
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acquainted with our Holistic Healers.

Click the read more link to read about the Allison Carpenter our cover artist and to learn more about this year's theme Embracing Change

Allison Carpenter is a spiritually based painter and illustrator who lives in Mount Shasta, California with her husband and young daughter. Her art is heart centered, feminine, and whimsical, often detailing fairy tale and spiritual like scenes. She was professionally trained in illustration and design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Allison has been an avid pursuer of knowledge in the realm of metaphysics and spirit science since she and her husband moved to Mount Shasta nearly ten years ago after a chance encounter with an enlightened teacher. She is currently undertaking a study and practice in Kundalini Yoga meditation and Ayurveda, both of which she has gained a humble reverence for in their ability to bring about true healing and prosperity.

Allison Carpenter has taken on a wide variety of creative and market- ing projects for people and organizations, including designing labels for an organic beauty brand, designing and implementing marketing tools for businesses, and working in community outreach for a non- profit organization. Her art has been displayed in the Siskiyou Arts Council Gallery, and she has art cards being sold in local stores in Mount Shasta. She is currently working as the Com- munity Outreach Coordinator at a successful health food store while simultaneously building her business and brand. She owns and operates Ms Moon,a heart centered creative com- pany focusing on art, design, ideation, and writing. Samples of her work and collectorís information can be found at her website, mtshastamoon.com, where Allison blogs about her art and spiritual musings.

Why Ms Moon?
Ms Moonís logo and pseudonym was inspired by
Allison Carpenterís connection to the moon. Ever since she was a child, Allison has had a deep and profound interest in staring at its bright surface and watch- ing the ebbs and flows of its cycles. You may just notice the sky and beyond as a continuous theme in most of her work. MtShastaMoon.com

Embracing Change:
In Celebration of the Spiraled Nautilus on Our Cover

Time as Perception: Postmodernism with the Nautilus
By J. R. Cooper

Time is perceived, not experienced. We know this via spiritual teachings and via the wondrous discoveries of science. Yet, we as a race insist on setting up boundaries and rules around our time, and have a bred-in need to manage it.

I often think about how wild animals observe or consider time. Is there a difference between night and day, save for the amount of light, to a sparrow? It rests at night, collects food and nesting material during the day, as well as strives to proliferate. What difference does it make whether itís Wednesday or Friday? To the sparrow, probably very little. This brings me to this issueís coveróthe nautilus.

Regardless of a lack of need to define time, the nautilus is an incredible living metaphor that time is happening all at once, this very moment. Consider the growth process of the nautilus: when hatched from egg, the baby cephalopodís shell already contains four chambers, each sealed off from the last, but each connected by a tube called the siphuncle which gives the nautilus control of its direction, balance, and buoyancy. As the nautilus grows, it out-grows its current shell section, much like a hermit crab. While the hermit seeks a new home, the nautilusís single choice is to change and grow.

Its shell grows outward in a perfect spiral, and as the nautilus enters its new home, it seals off the last, leaving only its siphuncle, its link to its past. What this means is that when you look at a nautilus, regardless of its age, you are looking at the complete being. Its past self not only creates its present self, but it uses that past (which it interprets as its current, functioning body) to balance along its travels. Nautiluses donít carry their past along with them so much as it literally forms them into their present shape. That shape is infinite, and is one of the greatest representations of the Golden Ratio found in nature.

The Golden Ratio, also known as Phi, is simply a number that appears many times over in nature. For the curious, the number is 1.618033988749... and it is the mathematical figure behind the perfect spiral. Cauliflower leaves, pine cones, and nautilus shells are just a few examples of where this number shows up in nature. Not only that, but the Golden Ratio is used extensively in architecture from ancient history to this day. The Egyptians were among he first to employ the Golden Ratio in the building of the pyramids. If looked at from a birdís eye view, the spiral of the Ratio would fit perfectly from the top point of the pyramids, down to their bases.

What this means is that the shape of the shell of the nautilus is utterly constant. The ratios found inside their shells remain the same from birth to death. In this way, the passage of time is irrelevant to the size of the nautilus. It exists as a constant, placed upon the constant of time, like quantum nesting dolls.

Everything talked about here is a way of saying this:

Embrace change.

All change has happened. We must simply step out of its way to allow ourselves to observe the differences. Just as the zen of archery tells us that the arrow has already found the bullseye, we only need to allow it to go there. We must let go of our fear or the logical boxes that we trap our minds in, and allow change to be the leading cause of our lives, rather than the by-product of some decision yet made. Holding back change creates energetic blockages, which create physical maladies. Just like what would happen to the nautilus if it resisted change.

We have the luxury and curse of perceiving time. What we do with the responsibility of knowing that time isnít linear despite what we see will shape our lives and our worlds.

Grow into your Self by allowing yourself the freedom to change.


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